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Amazon Produce Network Introduces New Pack for Mangoes

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DSCN0450by Amazon Produce Network

Amazon Produce Network has introduced its 60cm x 40cm (24in x 15-3/4in)  5-Down Display Box for mangoes with minimum 24-Lb net product weight.   Although 60x40cm 5-Down boxes are the industry standard for many commodities, most mangoes are currently packed in 34cm x 25cm  (13-1/2in x 10in) 14-Down box.   The 60x40cm Display box is intended to resolve issues that retailers have shared as impediments to the mango commodity’s enormous growth potential.

This design provides greatly increased pallet stability versus the 14-down box, therefore accelerating loading/unloading and warehouse movements.   It also reduces transportation damage claims and the need for airbags and bracing.

At the DC and store level, labor is significantly reduced in picking product with each movement of the 5-Down Display Box equaling almost three of the regular box.   This allows partial pallet store orders to be filled faster at the DC and large displays to be built with ease in the store.   This larger box will not sink down and sit on other product causing bruising as smaller boxes tend to do when stacked on top of other commodities in mixed pallets.

The increased airflow possible with this design helps to have more consistent pressures when using ripening rooms.  The display is very attractive and results in a larger footprint for mangoes within the produce department.

About Amazon Produce Network

Amazon Produce Network is an importer and distributor of mangoes and other produce with a mission to be the most efficient distribution channel in the United States for our customers and growers.

To us, being the most efficient distribution channel means providing the customer with the product, price, service, logistics and information he or she needs to be successful in the dynamic and complex world of produce while also providing the best possible returns to the growers who entrust us to market their crops.

Success is not achieved simply by selling the fruit at the highest price available in the market on any given day. Our success is achieved by obtaining the best average return for the grower’s crops over time through excellent stewardship of the product and service to our customers

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Shipping Updates on Imported Mangoes and California Strawberries for Easter

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DSCN9019Here’s an overview on the soaring volume of imported mangoes, plus a shipping update on California strawberries leading up to Easter.

Since 2005, imported mango shipments  have increased over 75 percent, from 62 million boxes in 2005 to 109 million boxes in 2016.  Once considered an exotic fruit, mangoes are becoming more mainstream now than ever, and visibility continues to increase yearly as more consumers demand them.

Imports of the tommy atkins mango variety and now crossing the border into South Texas (about 250 truck loads a week)  through Nogales, AZ.  Crossings at both areas are increasing as the Mexican mango season ramps up.

Peruvian mango imports have been in a surplus this year, with 50 percent  more of the tropical fruit than the previous season, which is coming to a close.  Besides Mexico, imported fruit has recently started from Guatemala and will get underway from Haiti in April.

Mexican tropical fruit and vegetables crossing the border in South Texas – grossing about $4800 to Boston.

California Strawberry Shipments

If California’s “monsoon” season is finally behind it there is a lot of hope there will be heavy strawberry shipments in the weeks and months ahead.   California strawberry loadings are behind in shipments compared to two years ago, when the season kicked off extremely early for lack of rain.

California strawberry shipments had totaled 5.2 million trays at the by the end of the week of March 11th, down a little from the 6.7 million shipped the same time a year earlier.  However, this was far less than the 12.9 million trays shipped by that time in 2015.

Strawberry shipments set records in 2016, harvesting 196.4 million trays.  Volume for the previous year, despite the early start, was 189.9 million trays.  Total California strawberry shipments this should be similar to 2016.   The state has 36,141 acres this year compared to 36,039 acres last year, while yields continue to increase significantly.

California ships over 87  percent of the strawberries in the U.S.

Ventura County now is gearing up for peak season strawberry shipments.  The Santa Maria got underway in late February and volume has been increasing during March.  The Salinas/Watsonville area is just now getting underway. Peak shipments are expected in time for deliveries leading up to Easter — April 16.

Light volume with Santa Maria strawberries, cauliflower and broccoli shipments – grossing about $5800 to New York City

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