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Mexican Mango Shipments Moving into Good Volume after Slow Start

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Imports of Mexican mangoes for the 2019 season are finally moving into good volume following a slow start in January and February.

Overall volume from Mexico through mid-May will be 11 percent less than last year — about 27.9 million 8.8-pound boxes, according to the National Mango Board of Orlando, FL.

The Mexican mango season began the second week of January and should continue into early October.

As of the week ending February 9th, Mexican growers had shipped approximately 608,336 boxes to the U.S. this season. During the same period last year, Mexico had shipped about 1.5 million boxes.

Vision Import Group of Hackensack, NJ started its Mexican mango imports in early March when it completed its Peruvian mango imports.

Freska Produce International LLC of Oxnard, CA was shipping limited supplies of Mexican mangos in the middle of February, and was trailing last season’s imports by about 1 million pounds due to weather factors during the growing season.

Amazon Produce Network of Vineland, NJ received its first Mexican mangoes February 11th, which was showing some quality problems, but improvements have come with arrivals of the tropical fruit since then. Heavy volume with quality Mexican product was expected for April and May. By then Amazon also will be imported mangoes from Guatemala, Coast Rica and Nicragua.

Ciruli Bros. LLC of Rio Rico, AZ received its initial Mexican mangoes coming through South Texas and Nogales, AZ in early March. Imports were expected to be good until the week before Easter (April 21st), picking slows because of labor challenges during Holy Week. Normal imports were expected in time for Cinco de Mayo, May 5th.


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Big Volume with Imported Mexican Mangoes, as Well as California Grapes are Expected

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A5Mangoes from Mexico, as well as grapes from California are expected to provide excellent volume shipments this year.

Imported Mexican mangoes by U.S. importers got off to an early season start this year and is expected to follow the normal volume increases associated with spring.

Between 3 and 4 million boxes of Mexican mangoes have been crossing the border during April.

Another season of record-breaking volume with peak supplies from southern Mexico that started this month is expected to continue into mid-May as the harvest shifts to more northern regions, such as Nayarit and Sinaloa, from mid-June through August.

Importers such as Ciruli Bros, LLC of Rio Rico, AZ and Jade Produce LLC of Mission, TX  have been experiencing excellent volume mango shipments to U.S. markets.

Imported Mexican mango shipments from late March to the week of May 14 should be 16 percent higher than last year, with 49 million boxes in 2018 compared to 42 million boxes a year ago.

Besides Mexico, there also are imported mangoes from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Haiti during the spring.  The Peruvian season finished in early April, and the Costa Rican season end the last half of April.

The Mexican season started in January and runs until October. The Nicaraguan season got underway in mid-March and ran until the last week of April.  The Guatemalan season was launched in March and should run through the end of May. The Haitian season started the third week of April and will run until September.

California Grapes

Since the 2012 California grape shipments have exceeded 100 million boxes each season and 2018 is expected to be no different.  In fact, 100 million – plus boxes is almost taken for granted these days.

California grape shipments totaled 109.1 million boxes during the 2017 season, which runs from May through January.  In 2016, the industry shipped 110 million boxed of table grapes.

California typically begins with grapes from the Coachella Valley in early May, before transitioning to the Arvin area of Bakersfield in early June, with the remainder of the season involving much of the San Joaquin Valley.



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Imports Set for Fruit from South America

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dscn7939Imports of Argentina blueberries and Mangoes from South America should be very good this season.

Argentina growers should export about 17,500 tons of fresh blueberries this season, of which two-thirds likely will be arrive in the U.S. and Canada.  A year ago, the U.S. and Canada received only 10,280 tons of blueberries from Argentina, due to adverse growing conditions.  The weather seems to have improved a lot this year.

Light exports were under way to the U.S. Brazil,  and Europe in late August, with the first U.S. arrivals taking place in early September.  Peak season arrivals will happen in late October, before the season concludes by the end of November.

Mango Imports

A late surge of mango imports from Mexico and an early start in Ecuador should mean a lot of mango imports this fall.  Mexico should ship about 74 million boxes of mangoes this season, up from 64 million boxes a year ago.

Peak Brazilian imports have been in September.  However, with the heavy volume of Mexican fruit being imported, most Brazilian fruit imports were arriving at ports and being hauled by truck to markets in the eastern half of the country.  Meanwhile Mexican mangos are being delivered to in heavy volume to the West Coast.

Even with the record late-season volumes out of Mexico this season, and record volume crops are also possible from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.  In addition to the glut, appearance issues were hurting demand for late-season Mexican fruit, although eating quality has been excellent.

Mexican volumes are now finally starting to wind.  Brazilian import volumes are expected to start peaking around the second week of October.  Brazil is expected to ship about 8 million boxes this year, similar to a year ago.  Ecuador should produce about 10.8 million boxes, up slightly from last year.

Peru mango imports to the U.S. should get underway in November, with imported expected to be up about 10 percent from last year’s 9.3 million boxes.

South Texas crossings with Mexican mangoes, other tropical fruit, tomatoes and vegetables – grossing about $2000 to Chicago.



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Produce Shipping Round Up from CA to GA

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DSCN7463Here’s a produce shipping outlook from around the nation.  We’ll cover everything from California tomatoes, strawberries and melons, to watermelon shipments in the Eastern half of the U.S.

California tomato shipments are gaining steam from the San Joaquin Valley to the southern coastal area.

For example, tomato loadings from Firebaugh, CA got underway June 1st and within two weeks all the tomato shippers in the San Joaquin Valley were moving product.

If the weather cooperates, the valley could be shipping tomatoes through Halloween.

On the Southern California coastline, pole tomato shipments got underway around June e13th from the Oceanside area.  Shipments of roma tomatoes will start July 1.  Round tomato volumes will likely peak from mid-August through October, with roma peak shipments taking place from July through September.

Good volume with cherry tomatoes should be shipped this summer from Baja, California.  However it will be the middle of October before there are rounds and vine-ripes from the region.

California Strawberry Shipments

Heavy shipments of strawberries from the Salinas-Watsonville area are taking place.  On average, about 950 truck loads of strawberries are being shipped weekly.  The Santa Maria district is shipping roughly one-half the volume of Salinas-Watsonville.

Watsonville strawberries and Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $7200 to New York City.

Cantaloupe Shipments

It’s getting awfully hot in the desert region, but cantaloupe shipments are still on track.  About 825 truck loads of cantaloupe are being loaded weekly from the Imperial Valley, as well as the Yuma area and central Arizona.

Watermelon Shipments

Georgia is easily leading the pack of states currently shipping watermelons.  Heavy volume should continue through the Fourth of July before a seasonal decline begins.  Meanwhile, very light volume has started with South Carolina watermelon shipments.  North Carolina gets underway the first week of July.  Another big state for watermelons is Missouri.  Watermelon shipments from the boot heel of Missouri get start in mid July.

Southern Georgian watermelons and vegetables – grossing about $2600 to New York City.

Mexican Mangoes

Imported Mexico mango volumes have been trailing last year, but that is changing.  Record shipments from Mexico are now occurring.  For example, during the week of June 6th, 3.6 million cartons of mangoes were shipped.  This was 6 percent more than projected.


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