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CarbAmericas is Importing Mexcian Asparagus: NM Onions Much Heavier This Season

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DSCN9493CarbAmericas is importing good volumes of Mexican asparagus….Meanwhile, onion shipments from New Mexico are much heavier that last year as the season continues full bore.

by CarbAmericas

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – CarbAmericas, the premier importer of fresh fruits and vegetables, transitioned into asparagus from Central Mexico in early June week and will continue shipping from the region through early September.

This season’s shipments will originate in the Irapuato-based CarGoldMex facility which opened in November 2016. CarGoldMex, a vertically integrated grower, shipper and packer of Mexican fruits and vegetables, has been a partner of CarbAmericas for four years.

“We are very excited about our state-of-the-art facility in Irapuato and look forward to utilizing our capabilities there to better serve our customers,” said Jeff Friedman, president of CarbAmericas. “We expect to grow and ship around half a million cases this season through our Central Mexico program.”

CarbAmericas supplies Central Mexican asparagus packed in 11 and 28 lbs. and tips. Cypress Creek branded custom packs also available upon request. Shipments will come into the US via McAllen, Texas.

About CarbAmericas

CarbAmericas was established in 1993 and is a vertically integrated, year-round supplier and importer of fruits and vegetables. Specializing in asparagus, broccoli, mangos, snow and sugar snap peas, CarbAmericas services both retail and foodservice in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America.  With team members working alongside their growers across the Americas, CarbAmericas truly stands behind its commitment to reliably execute for their growers and customers while exuding passion and integrity.


New Mexico Onion Shipments

New Mexico onion shipments got underway the second week of May, but did not hit good volume until the start of June.  Shipments are expected to exceed last season by 35 percent.  One shipper, Shiloh Produce of Hatch, NM is now shipping about 50 loads daily and will load 2,000 trucks through August when the season ends.

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A National Produce Shipping Smorgasbord

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DSCN7132Here’s a smorgasbord of produce loading opportunities from around the nation ranging from Michigan to Missouri, the east coast, Idaho and the southwest.

Michigan Produce Shipments

There is light to moderate shipments of summer vegetables coming out of Michigan, primarily in the western half of the state.  Cucumbers are one of the heavier volume items, but it is still only about 200 truck loads per week.  Other items range from squash to celery.  Blueberry shipments continue to increase in volume, while sweet corn is just getting started.  Peach loadings will be down significantly this season.

Michigan blueberries and vegetables – grossing about $850 to Chicago.

Midwest Produce Shipments

Watermelon shipments are your best bet here.  In the boot heel of Southeastern Missouri, about a 1,000 truckloads of watermelons were loaded last week, and volume is still increasing….Meanwhile, southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois watermelon shipments are very light and it will be another two weeks before substantial volume is available.

Missouri watermelons – grossing about $1500 to Chicago.

Eastern Produce Shipments

In New Jersey, peach loadings are just getting underway, while the blueberry season is coming to an end….New York state is starting to wake up with items ranging from Hudson Valley sweet corn to cucumbers picking up in August….Watermelon loadings should be moving into decent volume in a couple of weeks from Delaware, Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Idaho continues to ship potatoes from the 2015-16 crop.  The state is moving nearly 1,900 truckload equivalents weekly.  Potato loadings are relatively light by comparison from other states.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $5000 to New York City.

New Mexico Onion Shipments

Onion shipments are available from the southern part of the state and averaging around 750 truckloads per week….Across the state line in the Hereford, Tx area, potato shipments are moving into good volume with the new crop.  Shippers are still trying to sell some of the old crop, which increases your chances of quality problems at destination.

New Mexico onions – grossing about $3400 to Atlanta.

Now wasn’t this a smorgasbord?



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Some Loading Opportunities in Arkansas and New Mexico

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DSCN5453Tomato shipments have started from Arkansas, as the state’s sweet potato loadings continue.  Additionally, New Mexico is now shipping onions.

Arkansas tomato shipments got underway in early June from the Hermitage area in the southern part of the state.  Loadings will include a majority of vine ripe tomatoes, with much smaller volumes in romas and grape tomatoes.  Despite a lot rain this spring, and less acreage due to the wet fields preventing some plantings, growers are predicting over all better tomato shipments than the past two years.

Arkansas may not be known for its sweet potato shipments, but Matthews Ridgeview Farms at Wynne in the Northeastern part of the state has been increasing volume significantly in recent years. It is still shipping sweet potatoes from the 2014-15 season.  Matthews is looking to increase production 15 -20 percent for the 2015-16 season. It ships sweet potatoes through much of the Midwest and to a few receivers in Canada.

New Mexico Onion Shipments

A normal start with New Mexico onion shipments kicked off in late May and  run through late August, with some sheds shipping through mid-September.  New Mexico growers planted about 5,200 acres of dry onions in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Here are Some Loading Opportunities from 5 Different States

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From New York state, to Washington state, with Idaho, Texas and New Mexico thrown in, here’s a glimpse at some produce loading opportunities.

New York Onion Shipments

Harvest of Orange County, NY onions got underway last week, but it will be another five or six weeks before everyone is digging. The initial focus will be moving onions into storage. Good quality and normal sized crop are seen.

Orange County onions are typically shipped to markets in the Eastern half of the United States. Once the harvest is complete loadings will start building in volume.

Stone Fruit Shipments

Washington state shippers are saying this is one of their best apricot crops in years. The fruit will be having peak shipments for the next two weeks or so from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys. The state also is shipping heavy volumes of peaches, nectarines and cherries.  Washington is averaging nearly 1,500 truck loads of cherries per week.

Washington state cherries and other fruit – grossing about $7400 to New York City.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Even though Idaho has entered the final leg of the 2013-14 shipping season for potatoes, it is still loading around 1600 truckload equivalents per week, primarily out of the upper valley, Twin Fallsl-Burley area.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Texas Produce Shipments

Watermelon shipments, primarily from Eastern parts of the Lone Star State  are averaging about 750 truckloads per week.  Meanwhile, potato volume is increasing from the Hereford High Plains area in West Texas, as well as from Eastern New Mexico.  Southern New Mexico onion shipments are increasing and averaging over 875 truckloads per week.

Texas watermelons – grossing about $2400 to Atlanta.

New Mexico onions – about $3600 to Chicago.



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New Mexico Onion Shipments to Increase; Michigan Blueberry Loads will be Later Than Normal

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DSCN3786Following a slow start New Mexico onion loadings should be increasing as competition from other areas subside.  In Michigan, blueberries will be joining mixed vegetable shipments.

New Mexico onion shipments got underway in light volume in early June. Loadings are expected to improve with seasons ending from onions out of West Texas and California’s Imperial Valley.  The state ranks eigth in onion acreage behind Washington, Idaho-Eastern Oregon, California, Georgia, New York, Texas and West-Central Oregon.  When considering yields, New Mexico actually comes in sixth nationwide.  Most of New Mexico onion loads are available from a handful of shippers in the Las Cruces area.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Early reports in Michigan show  an excellent bloom in apple orchards.  Two years ago, freezing weather nearly wiped out the state’s apple crop, but last season it came back with record volume.  The promising bloom this spring is bring early forecasts of another season for large volume apple shipments, despite the Grand Rapids area having a near record 116 inches of snow last winter.

Similar to mixed vegetable shipments out of Michigan this spring, the upcoming blueberry season is dragging, expecting to be a good week to 10 days later than usual.  Michigan blueberry shipments should start in mid July.

New Mexico onions – grossing about $3800 to Chicago.

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