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New York Apple Shipments Should be Good This Season

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Northeastern Apple shipments are looking good as the leader New York come out of a long winter with no significant damage and a strong bloom, which has laid the foundation for an excellent crop across virtually all eastern varieties.

United Apple Sales of Lyndonville, NY and a third-generation apple grower in the western part of the state, indicates the company is excited about a very strong crop after last year’s season which suffered from drought.

The shipper reported a good spring and summer with ample rain and consistent sunshine. The cool nights in the Northeast helped develop high color fruit and great flavor. The primary varieties handled by United Apple Sales are Fuji, Gala, Ginger Golds, and Macs. Each are showing a good balance between increased volume and larger fruit sizing.

Picking for early varieties is on schedule with Paula Red and Ginger Golds which started in mid-August. Gala and McIntosh will start in early September, while Honeycrisp gets underway in mid-September. Fujis pickings will start in late September.

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New York Apple Shipments Expected to Have Normal Volume

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New York apple shipments should total 30 million bushels this coming season, which would be on par with volume for the average of the last five seasons.

At Hudson River Fruit Distributors, Milton, N.Y., the company added about 25 acres of orchards in 2019 for a total of 500 acres of apples. The company has removed older varieties on 5 to 10 percent of the acreage to fuji and EverCrisp varieties, which keep growing in popularity. More gala and Pink Lady varieties continue to be planted every year.

Hudson River Fruit expects to start shipping for the 2020-21 season by mid-August — the start of the company’s 58th harvest. 

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U.S. Apple Loadings are Expected to Increase from Last Season

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U.S. apple shipments are expected to total over 267 million 42-pound carton equivalents, a 9 percent increase from the 244 million boxes loaded during the previous season.

Washington Apple Shipments

Washington had a smaller crop during the 2018 season than in 2017 – an estimated 117 million 40-pound boxes compared to 133 million boxes. This season increased shipments are expected.

Red delicious, gala, golden delicious, granny smith, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp and fuji are the top apple varieties, with the Cosmic Crisp being shipped in December for the first time.

Michigan Apple Shipments

Michigan apple shipments will get underway on normal schedule around mid- to late August, depending on variety. A good crop is seen. Last year’s volume was 25 million 42-pound box equivalents. The average crop size is about 25.2 million boxes.

Michigan grows many varieties, including consumer favorites like Honeycrisp, gala and fuji. The state also produces a number of popular club varieties, Smith said.

New York Apple Shipments

New York apple shipments for the season are estimated to be around 31 million bushels. Early variety loadings get underway in mid- to late August.

New York will be shipping SweeTango and favorites like Honeycrisp, gala, red delicious, mcintosh, empire, cortland and more. 

California Apple Shipments

California apple shipments dipped last year because of bad weather, but should reach 1.5 million to 2 million 40-pound box equivalents, compared to 1.1 million boxes for the previous year.

Although the state had a rainy winter and spring, the apple loadings have just got underway with galas, as usual, followed by granny smith in August, fuji in September, Pink Lady in October and braeburn and other varieties after that.

California growers do not ship out of storage.

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Here’s a Preview of New York Apple Shipments Coming in Late Summer

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A5Following near perfect weather throughout New York state during the spring, apple growers and shippers are beaming with optimism for the upcoming shipping season.

New York apple shipments should get underway in late August or early September.

“Following last year’s below average apple crop and a normal winter, trees this spring responded with healthy and hearty buds that produced a fantastic bloom,” Kaari Stannard, president of New York Apple Sales Inc., of Glenmount, NY, said in a news release. Warm May weather was ideal for pollination, she said.

There also is a positive outlook for apple crops from  New York Apple Sales growers across the state.

“As of now, we are not seeing any skips or holes in the 2018 crop,” Jeff Crist, partner in Crist Bros. of  Walden, N.Y., said in the release. “We have a great opportunity with this crop, but as always we are cautiously optimistic.”

Jason Woodworth of Lamont Fruit Farms, of Waterport, N.Y., sees plenty of potential for this season’s crop of SweeTango apples.

“We are off to a great start with our SweeTango crop. We had an excellent return bud and bloom, and the conditions were fantastic,” Woodworth said in the release. “Because of our newer plantings and growing systems, we have the potential to produce the highest-color and best-sized SweeTango crop ever.”

New York Apple Sales is one of two New York companies authorized by Next Big Thing to market SweeTango apples in select markets.

Growers also describe a great start to the growing season for up-and-coming varieties such as Koru, EverCrisp, SnapDragon and RubyFrost, as well as for more established varieties like Honeycrisp, gala, fuji, mcintosh, cortland, empire, red and golden delicious.

New York is the second-largest apple producing state in the country. Only Washington State produces more apples than the Empire State. Perennially, Michigan ranks third; Pennsylvania and California round out the top five.

New York State apples are grown on about 41,000 acres, in six major production districts around the entire state:

  • Champlain Valley
  • Eastern Hudson Valley
  • Western Hudson Valley
  • Central
  • Lake Country
  • Niagara Frontier

(Source: USDA 2007 Agricultural Census)

Top 10 apple-growing counties are:

  • Wayne
  • Ulster
  • Orleans
  • Niagara
  • Clinton
  • Columbia
  • Monroe
  • Orange
  • Onondaga
  • Dutchess

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New York Apple Shipping Update; Plenty of U.S. Product Remains to be Shipped

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applesThere are a lot more apples remaining to be shipped in the U.S. compared to this time last year, thanks mostly to Washington state.

New York Apple Shipments

New York state’s apple shippers expect apple supplies for the Christmas and New Year holidays to be good with good quality,  variety selection and quantity.

The Empire State had 11.5 million bushels in storage for shipping on November. 1st.  The U.S. Apple Association’s monthly Market News reported  ample supplies remain of best known and most popular New York varieties, including Empire and McIntosh, as well as consumer favorite Gala, as well as Rome and Idared.  The preseason forecast saw a crop amounting 28 million bushels.

While more over 50 percent of the New York crop has been shipped, apple shippers contend there will be good supplies to meet year-end holiday demand.

More U.S. Apples Remain in Storage

As of December 1st, more apples in the U.S. for the fresh market remained to be shipped than at this same time last year — 9 percent more to be precise.

The U.S. Apple Association’s report for December observes apples remaining to be shipped are 16 percent more than the five-year average.

Apples for processing remaining in storage totaled 51.5 million (bushel) cartons, 20 percent more than last year and a whopping 21 percent above the five-year average.

At 115.97 million cartons, Washington state apples alone accounted for 88 percent of the entire U.S. fresh apple remaining to be shipped. Michigan accounted for 3 percent remained to be shipped, while New York state has 5 percent.

Variety count

The report said U.S. fresh varieties in storage on December 1st, compared with last year at the same time, were:

  • Red delicious: 31.52 million cartons, down 11 percent;
  • Gala: 24.77 million cartons, up 8 percent;
  • Honeycrisp: 8.7 million cartons, up 56 percent;
  • Granny smith: 16.69 million cartons, up 38 percent:
  • Fuji: 15.08 million cartons, up 12 percent;
  • Pink Lady/cripps pink: 4.952 million cartons, down 9 percent.

Yakima Valley Washington apples – grossing about $7900 to New York City.


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California Citrus Shipments are Delayed; NY Apple Shipper Handling Canadian Fruit

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DSCN8835Refrigerated haulers expecting to load California citrus could very well face significant delays because rains have delayed harvest.  On another front, an upstate New York apple shipper will be shipping Canadian apples this season.

California Citrus Shipments

Disruptions at citrus loading docks are expected the week of February 13-17 due to rain delayed harvests in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

A rainy week in California has citrus growers there expecting some shortages in mid-February due to excessive rains in citrus groves the week of February 6 – 10.

California citrus growers have been conducting picking operations on a limited basis between the rains.   It has been a challenge getting workers and equipment into the fields after big storms.  Some citrus orchards have been affected more than others depending on soil types and location.  In some cases it is takes a few days for the orchards to dry out.

Delays in harvest as well as loading opportunities for citrus haulers are expected with lemons, oranges and specialty citrus, such as mandarins.  Mandarins typically are more sensitive to the rain  than other types of fruit.

California citrus – grossing about $4200 to Atlanta.

New York Apple Shipments

New York Apple Sales Inc., based in Glenmont, NY is shipping late-harvest apple varieties from Nova Scotia.   The fruit is coming from orchards in the Scotian Gold Cooperative, which grows and harvests Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, and Sonya apples.  The product is  grown in the Annapolis Valley, near the Bay of Fundy.  The three Nova Scotia apple varieties being imported and distributed by New York Apple Sales differ from U.S.-grown counterparts.

Nova Scotia apples have the latest apple-growing season in North America, according to a news release, and trees don’t bloom until the later weeks of May, with the Honeycrisp harvest typically starting during the last week of September, and Ambrosia and Sonya picking to follow.

The Scotian Gold Growers have been providing apples to New York Apple Sales for the past three years.


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Shipping Outlook for NY Apples, FL Blueberries and CA Citrus

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Here’s a look at loading opportunities with New York apples, Florida blueberries, plus citrus and artichokes from California.

New York apple shipments have been steady from week to week shipments for the most part.  The Empire state has between 550 and 600 primary apple growers that produce an average of 29.5 to 30 million bushels a season.  That average is nudging up over time as orchards become more productive.

Florida Blueberry Shipments

A very limited amount of Florida blueberry shipments are underway, but due to an excessively warm winter, volume is expected to be much lower this season.  Florida has about 8,000 acres of blueberries and is the first state to ship the fruit each year.   It is closely followed by Georgia blueberry shipments.  Georgia has about 25,000 acres of blueberries, with the harvest starting in a few weeks.  We’ll provide more information on Georgia “blues” as it becomes available.

Central Florida berries, veggies – grossing about $2100 to New York City; Southern Florida potatoes and melons, about $2500 to  New York City.

California Artichoke Shipments

Ocean Mist Farms of Castroville, CA is entering the peak season for its artichoke shipments.  Peak loadings should continue through May.  Ocean Mist is the largest grower shipper of the product.

California Orange Shipments

Navel orange shipments out of the San Joaquin Valley should be about 10 to 15 percent higher than originally estimated.  The harvest is about 50 percent completed and shipments have been steady.

San Joaquin Valley oranges, kiwifruit and carrots – grossing about $4400 to Atlanta.


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National Shipping Update: Bananas, Grapes, Avocados, E. Apples

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Here’s a national shipping round up on imported bananas, grapes and avocados from California, as well as Eastern apples.

Banana imports, particularly from Gulfport, MS, are expected to increase as fall kicks in and summer peaches, strawberries and other fruit shipments decline.  Banana imports are generally expected to be stable for the next several months from such countries as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Peru.

Among the larger banana handlers are Del Monte Fresh Produce NA Inc.; Turbana Corp. of Coral Gables, FL; and Dole Food Co. of Westlake Village, CA.

California Grape Shipments

Grape loadings in mid-October were similar to last year with about 79.8 million pounds of grapes shipped in the U.S. the week ending October 10th, up slightly from 79.1 million pounds in the same week in 2014.  Season-to-date, about 2.34 billion pounds had been shipped through October 10th, up from 2.23 billion pounds last year.

Central San Joaquin Valley grape and other produce shipments – grossing about $5200 of Atlanta.

California Avocado Shipments

Avocado shipments were up significantly in mid-October with about 50.8 million pounds of avocados shipped in the U.S. in the week ending October 10th, up from 32.1 million pounds last year at the same time.  Season-to-date volumes also are up, climbing from 706 million pounds through October 10th, 2014, to 795 million pounds this year.

Southern California avocado, citrus and vegetable shipments – grossing about $4300 to Chicago.

Eastern Apple Shipments

Apple shippers east of the Mississippi River are reporting brisk movement, in part, due to less volume expected out of Washington state this season.

As of mid-October, New York apple shipments were on schedule to meet, if not exceed, the preseason estimate of 27.5 million boxes.  While no record shipments are being forecast, the volume is in line with the 5-year average for shipments.

Michigan also is having strong demand for its apples, and is running ahead of last year in terms of shipments.  Harvest should be completed by the end of this month.

Western Michigan apple shipments – grossing about $800 to Chicago.

Hudson Valley New York apple shipments – grossing about $2400 to Orlando.

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New York State Apple Shipments Should be Normal

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DSCN2834+1The New York state apple harvest is in full swing and New York apple shipments should pick up once the harvest is completed in a few weeks.

The Empire state is expecting  normal apple shipments and volume this season from the state’s 700 growers.

The Hudson Valley is the largest volume provider in the state.  However there also are shipments originating  near the western shores of  Lake Champlain in the Champlain Valley.   Further west in New York, the primary shipping areas for apples are Utica, Ithica, Syracuse and Rochester. 

New York is the nation’s second largest apple shipper and is forecast to have 26.2 million cartons this year, or about 13 apples for each of the state’s 19.75 million residents, if those apples stayed in state.  However, the state’s apples are shipped from New England to Florida.

The 2015 crop is expected to be slightly smaller than the state’s average over the past five years of 30 million cartons, but produce truckers won’t notice the difference.   New York has new apple plantings resulting in new apple varieties such as Honeycrisp – alongside their old New York state standards such as McIntosh and Empire.  The new varieties like RubyFrost® and SnapDragon® can only be grown by select New York state growers.

Hudson Valley apples – grossing about $2600 to Atlanta.

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Apple Shipments Look Good from NY, New England, Ontario

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DSCN3549+1Apple shipments from New York and Ontario should be normal volume this season.  However, apple loadings out of New England could show a double digit increase.

The U.S. Apple Association says  New England’s  six-state harvest is expected to be about 14 percent higher than last year’s and 18 percent above the region’s five-year average. The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates total New England apple shipments will come in at just under 170 million pounds.  The estimate is for the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

New York Apples

A lot, if not the majority of New York’s apple shipments originate from the Hudson Valley and Western New York.   The Empire State has shipped about 30 million bushels of apples every year for the last several years.  Total volume for the 2015-16 season are expected to be close to the five-year average.

The harvest in New York started in late-August and continues through early-November,

Currently shipments included Jonamacs, McIntoshes, Zestars, Paula Reds, Ginger Golds and Galas.

Ontario Apple Shipments

Extreme cold last winter damaged some trees and forced a later spring in Ontario, but growers in the Georgian Bay region still anticipate average crops this year.  However, that isn’t the case in all parts of the province.

Ontario normally produces about 7-million bushels of apples annually, but this year it’s estimated the crop will be about 4-million.  Harvest is now underway.


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