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New York Vegetable Shipments are on Normal Schedule

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A39New York vegetable shipments were hindered by too much rain a year ago, but in 2018 farmers were wishing they had more rainfall.  Still, crops seem to be in pretty good shape and normal shipments are taking place.

For example William Farms LLC of Marion, NY is reporting loadings occurring on a normal schedule thus far this season. In similar fashion, Turek Farms of King Ferry is reporting vegetables maturing on time, but could use some moisture.

Onion shipments for Raymond Myruski LLC of Goshen, NY should get underway the first half of August.

A look at USDA shipment figures for New York fruit and vegetable shipments showed mixed trends.

  • Apple shipments, the top volume commodity in New York, were down 11 percent from 2016.
  • Onions, the second-ranked fresh commodity by volume, saw shipments increase 18 percent in 2017 compared with the previous season.
  • Sweet corn, ranked third in volume during 2017, recorded fresh shipments in 2017 that were up 30 percent from 2016.
  • Cucumber shipments in 2017 were up 5 percent from the previous year, and fresh bean shipments were up 1 percent, according to the USDA.
  • Cabbage shipments were off 3 pecent, and potato shipments were nearly unchanged from a year ago.

Green bean loadings started in early July for Torrey Farms Inc. of Elba, N.Y.,  while cabbage and squash have just started.   Supply should be steady, and quality looks good.

At Eden Valley Growers of Eden, NY vegetable crops are coming on at about the same time as in 2017.  The company started shipping lettuces, broccoli and cucumbers abut a month ago, which were followed by bell peppers and hot specialty pepper. Sweet corn loadings got underway the third week of July.

The company also ships squash and cucumbers.  Eden Valley plans to ship through October, with hard squashes and pumpkins coming on in the fall.  A majority of the New York vegetable shipments to markets in the Northeast which has 50 million consumers, but some product is destined to markets up and down the East Coast.





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Vegetable Shipments are Gearing Up with New Seasons in New York, Washington, Oregon

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nyvegNew York vegetable shipments are now moving to markets, while potato loads from the new crops for Washington and Oregon will be underway soon.

It was a drought in New York last year, but too much rain this year affecting vegetable shipments.  For example, Turek Farms of King Ferry, NY has left  a few hundred of its nearly 4,000 acres unplanted this year due to excessive rains.  The company’s s corn harvest is just getting underway to be followed by cabbage, broccoli and Brussels spouts.

Torrey Farms Inc. of Elba, NY grows about 14,000 acres and faces similar issues.  Torrey also grows cucumbers, green beans, yellow squash, cabbage, onions, potatoes and winter squash.

Meanwhile,  Eden Valley Growers of Eden, NY, just got started with sweet corn, cabbage, squash, cucumbers and beans.

New York shipped sweet corn in 2016 off of 26,600 acres, amounting to 2.5 million cwt.   Corn for the fresh market made up $44.6 million of a total crop value of $53 million.  Green bean shipments last year came off of  28,300 acres, for a total of nearly 2 million cwt.

New York’s vegetable shipments extend into late November and even early December for some crops.

Washington Potato Shipments

In 2016 Washington growers planted 170,000 acres of potatoes, with acreage and volumes expected to be similar this season.  The state typically ships about 10 billion pounds of potatoes each growing season.

Potandon Produce LLC of Idaho Falls, ID, will begin shipping russet and colored potatoes out of Osceola, WA later this month, while Norm Nelson Inc., of Burlington, WA expects to start loading spuds in September.

Washington’s Columbia Basin potato shipments – grossing about $3400 to Chicago.

Oregon Potato Shipments

Oregon potato shipments for the fresh market represents nearly 13 percent of  total production in the U.S.   Similar volume of about 2.5 billion pounds is seen for the upcoming season.

Strebin Farms LLC of  Troutdale, OR will pack the old storage crop through the end of July, before starting with the new crop in early August.  In similar fashion, Amstad Produce LLC, of Sherwood, OR also expects its  new potato crop to be ready after the first week of August.  The company will be shipping red and yellow potatoes August through the end of the year out of the Willamette Valley.




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NY State Vegetables Shipments Clobbered by Rains

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IMG_5696Most late summer and fall New York vegetable shipments are going to have substantially less volume, and loading opportunities are going to be a mess, because of unpredictable shipping gapes.  Blame it all on Mother Nature and torrential rains in recent weeks.

The heavy rains resulted in flooded fields, disrupted plantings and are expected to produce supply gaps for many vegetables, including sweet corn, green beans, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, onions and potatoes.

For example the down pours  delayed the planting of cabbage for 21 days at Hansen Farms LLC, Stanley, N.Y.. which will result in shipping gaps through out the season.  Yields will be down, which means volume for shipping will be lower – probably significantly.

While there is little talk of quality issues at this point, and most talk is playing up less volume without quality being affected – don’t necessarily count on it.  This should be a concern if you are hauling New York product and just be extra observant what is being put in the truck.

While no percentage losses for volume are available yet on most items, one number being thrown around is both New York potato and onion shipments are expected to be off by 30 percent.

Western New York vegetable shipments – grossing about $1200 to Boston.




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New Season Shipments Near for NY and Calif. Apples

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DSCN3797+1Here is a look a new season shipments for New York and California apples, plus some other loading opportunities in both of these states.

New York Apple Shipments

New York state’s apple harvest is scheduled to begin August 15th, with shipments getting underway shortly thereafter.  The Empire State expects to ship about 30 million bushels of fruit this season, down only slightly from the  32 million bushels shipped during the 2013-14 season.  However, total volume is still expected to stay above the state’s five-year averages of 29.5 million bushels.  Although the apple harvest should end in November, loading opportunities will continue well into next spring, if not summer.  The Hudson Valley is New York’s leading area for apple shipments, although several other areas of the state also have the fruit in significant volume.

New York vegetable shipments are moving in steady volume, especially from western and central areas of the state.

Western New York vegetables – grossing about $1600 to New York City.

California Apple Shipments

Apple shipments out of California’ San Joaquin Valley got underway a couple of weeks ago, but are only entering volume loadings now.  This is one of the earliest maturing crops on record.  Overall, California expects to ship about 2.4 million boxes of apples this season, which is fairly normal.

While gala shipments started in mid July, granny smiths should get underway the week of August 11th, followed by fujis around August 18th. followed by Pink Lady apples in the middle of October.

California’s San Joaquin Valley  produce shipments are in good volume with everything ranging from grapes to tomatoes, stone fruit and vegetables.

San Joaquin Valley vegetables and melons – grossing about $7500 to New York City.

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Upstate NY Veggie Shipments are Generally Late, But Finally Getting Started

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DSCN3791+1While most upstate New York state vegetable shipments are getting underway as much as two weeks late this year due to weather factors, things are finally starting to pick up.

First of all, vegetables are grown and shipped from a number of different areas of the state.  Here are just a few cities and towns located near some of the larger vegetable operations:  Marion,  Florida, Goshen, Holley, King Ferry, Pine Island, Marion and Stanley.

Mid July Starts

Just getting underway are items ranging from green beans to cucumbers, and cabbage.  Just a note, there will be some slow starts.  For example green bean shipments are expected to be off 20 percent until about about the first of August, with normal volume coming on by the middle of August.  Cabbage is one of New York’s bigger items, but shipments will be down as much as 50 percent unil mid August, when normal volume should arrive.

Late July Starts

Vegetable loadings should start by late July or early August with sweet corn, which will continue until early October.  Other similar starting dates apply to squash and red round tomatoes. Labor Day Starts

Both potato shipments and onion shipments should be starting in early September around Labor Day.

New York state continues to be one of the leading shippers of fresh produce, consistently ranking in the top ten among states.

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New York Summer Vegetables to Have Shipping Gaps

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DSCN0721Produce truckers should not  expect this summer to bring normal loading opportunitunites for many New York state vegetables.

Shipping gaps and less volume due to torrential spring rains interrupted spring plantings on many of the Empire State’s commodites, ranging from  sweet corn, to green beans, cabbage, squash and potatoes.

This situation exists pretty much in every shipping area of  the state.

For example shipping gaps on New York sweet corn will start in early August.  In similar situation exists for green beans.

There also are question marks relating to New York cabbage shipments.  Volume is predicted to be sporatic with shipping gaps occuring in late August and early September.

Excessive rains and recent triple digit heat  a few weeks ago are expected to cut Orange County, New York’s onion shipments by 10 percent this coming season.  Limited shipmentes are underway.  Like many New York state veggies, these storage onions are typically shipped to East Coast markets through April.

The USDA ranked  New York as the 7th leading vegetable shipping in the nation in 2011  for  fresh market vegetables and 7th in the nation for production of processing vegetables.

New York vegetable shipments originate from numerous areas spread across this giant states.  Likewise, apples may not come from as many different regions, but still are shipped from six primary areas the Eastern Hudson Valley, Western Hudson Valley, Champlain Valley, Central, Lake Country and Niagra Frontier.

New York ranks second nationally in apple shipments.  It’s new season starts in a few weeks with an excellent crop being forecast.





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