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Good Volume with Peruvian Asparagas and Chilean Avocados; Washington Organic Apples to Have Big Increase

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DSCN0832Imported Asparagus from Peru and imported avocados from Chile should have good volume this season, while a big increase is seen for Washington state organic apples.

Peru has year-round asparagus production, but peak imports by the U.S. is October through December.

Imports from Peru will be increase as competing countries producing asparagus complete their seasons.  Domestic production  from New Jersey and Michigan will end in another week, resulting in demand for Peruvian asparagus, which will continue to improve and should remain steady through the end of the year.

Peru accounted for about half of all U.S. asparagus imports in 2017, compared with 47 percent from Mexico. Peru exports asparagus to the U.S. year-round, with peak shipments from September through December.

Both Crystal Valley Foods of Miami and Carb Americas of Fort Lauderdale noted last summer most asparagus was being sourced New Jersey, Canada, Michigan, Washington and Mexico.  With the arrival of fall, U.S. importers are turning to Peru for supplies.

Chilean Avocados

While it may be too early to predict how many imported avocados from Chile will occur,  volume is expected to by up slightly from the 66 million pounds a year ago.  The first Chilean avocados arrived a couple of weeks in the U.S.  Consistent, steady imports of Chilean avocados are expected into the early spring of 2019.

Washington Organic Apples

A 40 percent increase in organic apples from Washington states is expected this season.  Volume is predicted to reach nearly 19 million bushels.  Organic apple shipments from Washington have been setting records the las several years.  The previous record was a little over 13 million boxes.

The first estimates last August predicted total Washington apple shipments of around 131 million 40-pound boxes for the 2018 season, a 2 percent decrease in volume from last year.  This should result in the third or fourth largest Washington apple crop on record.

Washington apples shipments – grossing about $4800 to Dallas.

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Organic Produce is Grown by over 14,000 Farms

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DSCN5991A new report claims that over 14,000 U.S. farms grew organic produce and other agricultural products in 2012.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistic Service’s 2014 Organic Survey, recently released, analyzes data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture.  About 3.7 million acres of land had organic products in 2012, 687,000 of them in industry leader California.

Of the 14,093 certified or exempt U.S. farms, 2,805 were in California.

The value of U.S. organic agricultural products in 2012 was $5.5 billion, according to the report. California accounted for about $2.2 billion of that total.  About 164,403 acres of organic vegetables, potatoes and melons worth $1.25 billion were harvested in 2012.

Organic grape production totaled 98,805 tons and was worth about $188 million. About 563 million pounds of organic apples, worth $250 million, were produced in 2012.  In the “other fruit, nuts and berries” category, about 3,523 farms produced $579 million worth of product in 2012.


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