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California Produce Shipments in Summer Mode

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108_0830+1Here’s a round up of opportunities for California produce shipments.

Complaints continue to be heard about the lousy westbound freight rates across the country.  There also isn’t a lot of excitement over refrigerated loads for fresh fruits and vegetables.  Even California seems subdued this summer, the West Coast is still your best bet.

Salinas Valley Produce Shipments

Adequate truck supplies seem to be the norm anymore in California.  The reasons given are numerous, but we won’t dwell on that now.

Head lettuce is accounting for around 1,000 truck loads per week in the Salinas Valley, but volume with other types of lettuce (romaine, leaf) are substantially lower.  There’s also the usual suspects in the fields ranging from celery to bell peppers, among many others.  In the nearby Watsonville district, strawberries are  finally in a consistent mode, with both volume and quality.  Over 900 truckloads of strawberries are being shipped each week.  The Santa Maria district just to the south of Salinas is shipping similar items, but in much less volume.

Salinas vegetables and Watsonville berries – grossing about $7000 to New York City.

San Joaquin Valley Produce Shipments

The heaviest volume out of the San Joaquin Valley now is probably grapes and cantaloupe.  Table grapes are heaviest in the Southern part of the valley closer to the Bakersfield area, but are gaining in volume as the season spreads northward in the valley.  Cantaloupe loadings are now good out of the Westside district of the San Joaquin Valley from places such as Firebaugh.  Both grapes and cantaloupes are averaging around 1,250 truckloads per week.

Growers in Fresno County ship almost 250,000 tons of cantaloupes from 11,400 acres.

Tomato shipments are now originating out of the central valley.  There’s also is moderate loadings with peaches.  Both items are averaging around 500 truck loads each per week.  Nectarines and plums also are being shipped, but in relatively light volume.

San Joaquin Valley produce – grossing about $4100 to Dallas.

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California: No Record Volume or Rates

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DSCN5367Here’s a round up of some of the major Western produce shipping areas including volume and freight rates.

California Produce Shipments

Big volume produce shipments continue out of both the Salinas Valley and the San Joaquin Valley of California.  We’re certainly not witnessing any record rates this year.  This is believed due to several factors.  For example the California drought most certainly has resulted in fewer plantings of fruits and vegetables.  Taking up at least some of the lack is Mexico that continues to increase production.  Mexico not only has cheaper labor and production costs, but fewer restrictive rules and regulations than California.

However, rates were generally stagnant or in many cases lower this week as there was a surplus in refrigerated equipment.  Rates on Salinas veggies plunged by double digits in some cases, as vegetable shipments have been less than spectacular this season – in part due to numerous shipping gaps.

Salinas Valley Produce Shipments

The Watsonville district continues shipping strawberries and other berries in good volume.  Strawberries are averaging about 950 truck loads per week.  Meanwhile, dozens of vegetables continue out of Salinas ranging from various types to lettuces to broccoli, and cauliflower, among others.

Salinas Valley produce – grossing about $6800 to New York City.

San Joaquin Valley Produce Shipments

From the Westside District, cantaloupe, honeydew and other melons are increasing in volume….Watermelons are averaging about 300 truck loads weekly and increasing in volume….There also is good volume with stone fruit ranging from peaches to plums and nectarines….Another big crop of grapes continues to be shipped…Pear and apple shipments are just starting from Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley.  Between 1.5 and 1.7 million boxes of apples are forecast and should continue until mid October.

Central San Joaquin Valley fruits and vegetables – grossing about $6100 to Atlanta.

Southern California Produce Shipments

Avocado loadings continue in good volume, although it is declining as we head into the latter part of the shipping season….Tomatoes are big item.  Vine ripe tomato loadings continue from the Oceanside and San Diego areas, including produce crossing the border into San Diego from Baja California.

Southern California citrus, avocados and tomatoes – grossing about $4800 to Houston.

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New Season Shipments Near for NY and Calif. Apples

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DSCN3797+1Here is a look a new season shipments for New York and California apples, plus some other loading opportunities in both of these states.

New York Apple Shipments

New York state’s apple harvest is scheduled to begin August 15th, with shipments getting underway shortly thereafter.  The Empire State expects to ship about 30 million bushels of fruit this season, down only slightly from the  32 million bushels shipped during the 2013-14 season.  However, total volume is still expected to stay above the state’s five-year averages of 29.5 million bushels.  Although the apple harvest should end in November, loading opportunities will continue well into next spring, if not summer.  The Hudson Valley is New York’s leading area for apple shipments, although several other areas of the state also have the fruit in significant volume.

New York vegetable shipments are moving in steady volume, especially from western and central areas of the state.

Western New York vegetables – grossing about $1600 to New York City.

California Apple Shipments

Apple shipments out of California’ San Joaquin Valley got underway a couple of weeks ago, but are only entering volume loadings now.  This is one of the earliest maturing crops on record.  Overall, California expects to ship about 2.4 million boxes of apples this season, which is fairly normal.

While gala shipments started in mid July, granny smiths should get underway the week of August 11th, followed by fujis around August 18th. followed by Pink Lady apples in the middle of October.

California’s San Joaquin Valley  produce shipments are in good volume with everything ranging from grapes to tomatoes, stone fruit and vegetables.

San Joaquin Valley vegetables and melons – grossing about $7500 to New York City.

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Late Spring California Produce Shipments are Increasing

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TkrLeeWeaverThere’s no less than six regions currently active with California produce shipments.  Here’s a look at each of those areas and how loading opportunities look.  This is the time of year when produce freight rates are typically peaking and we’ll take a look at those as well.

Salinas Valley produce shipments, comprised primarily of mixed vegetables, strawberries and raspberries are moving into full volume, although there are some shipping gaps occurring with veggies. Lettuce shipments, led by iceberg and romaine are averaging over 1700 truckload equivalents per week.  There also broccoli, cauliflower and dozens of other lesser volume vegetables being shipped.

You should gross about $8300 to New York City. 

Santa Maria District is shipping many of the same items as the Salinas Valley, but in much smaller volume, with more pick ups, unless  a shipper consolidates loads.

San Joaquin Valley produce shipments have every thing from mixed vegetables to stone fruit and blueberries and melons  in the central valley.

Produce items grossing about $8200 to New York City. 

Kern County has primarily carrots and potatoes available.

Southern California is relatively quiet with the exit of berries to Santa Maria and Watsonville.  There are still some avocados and citrus and a few tomatoes —  grossing about $7900 to New York City.

Desert Shipments including Coachella Valley table grapes, peppers, sweet corn and eggplant are available, grossing about  $8100 to New York City.


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Salinas Broccoli, Cauliflower Loadings have Started; Huron Lettuce is Coming Soon

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014In an update from last week’s report, the desert shipping areas for winter vegetables in California and Arizona are pretty much history.  Heat in the desert is taking its toll on any leaf lettuce left, and it’s best to avoid hauling that product.  The transition to the San Joaquin Valley, Salinas Valley and the Santa Maria district continues and light volume loadings are underway.

In the weeks ahead, produce haulers should see a dramatic improvement for produce loads.  Not only is California weather bringing the crops along nicely, but weather around the country is on the mend.  That means more consumers getting out more often, buying fresh fruits and veggies, which increases demand for product.  It all translates into more produce shipments, and higher freight rates.

Light shipments of broccoli and cauliflower are coming out of Salinas and some oberservers are predicting record volume this spring.

The Central San Joaquin Valley produce shipments are limited with broccoli and cauliflower, while light volume of head lettuce gets underway around March 21st in the Westside district.  These loadings out of the Huron area should continue through mid April.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $6600 to New York City.

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California Update on Shipments of Avocados, Tomatoes, etc.

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DSCN1781California avocado shipments should hit about 12,500 truckloads equivalents this year, up about 1,000 truck loads from 2012.   Because of the larger crop,  California avocado loadings are expected to run later than last year, continuing at peak volume through August and into September, with shipments running into November.

 About  2,050 truckloads of fruit is expected to be hauled from September through November.

Weekly avocado shipments in the USA this year have reached as high as 1,000 truckloads.  Loadings take place mostly in Southern California.

California tomato shipments

California mature green tomato shipments out of the San Joaquin Valley remain good, but are lighter than when loadings got underway in mid- to late June.  That steady, but lighter volume should continue through the end of the year.

Around the Oceaside area of Southern California, there are loadings of cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and romas in addition to the vine ripened tomatoes.

Mature greens are typically sold to foodservice operators for their use with burgers or other dishes, or repackers, who package them in multiples, complete the ripening process and shipped to a variety of customers. Vine-ripe tomatoes are often shipped directly to the retailers.

Meanwhile volume shipments of Salinas Valley vegetables and San Joaquin Valley produce loadings of vegetables, stone fruit, grapes and melons continue.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $5300 to Chicago.

Southern California avocados – grossing about $7500 to New York City.

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