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Update: Summer Citrus from South Africa for the 2023 Season

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Cape Town, South Africa  Summer Citrus from South Africa entered its 25th shipping season with the support of the MSC Shirley and fruit arrived into the U.S. in late May. Despite recent heavy rainfall in the Western Cape and in Citrusdal, where SCSA’s growers are primarily located, the group is reorganizing after days without electricity, and a lack of access to citrus groves and some roads. The reality is that load shedding is part of their daily lives, and the Western Cape is a winter rainfall area. Despite the challenges and a minor setback with timing, SCSA promises that high-quality fruit is on the way weekly for the rest of the summer.

“We kicked off our 25th season on a positive note and we followed our inaugural vessel, the MSC Shirley, immediately with other vessels that are now en route to the Port of Philadelphia as we gained momentum through the month June,” said Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa. “Our business is all about managing our challenges and utilizing our opportunities collectively. The news highlighting conditions in the Western Cape has certainly raised concerns about the season ahead and I’m here to confirm, fruit for the summer is on the way.”

New to its 25th shipping season, the group from SCSA has gained access to deliver fruit to both sides of the Delaware River at the Port of Philadelphia confirming a steady and plentiful weekly supply of citrus from the Western Cape of South Africa, both with conventional and container vessels.  This new approach to citrus shipments provides a significant advantage for the group, in providing sustained long term shipping opportunities, for the planned growth of the program in the near future.

“Supply is up to expectations and ready to satisfy the demand for citrus in the U.S. throughout the summer. I can confirm weekly arrivals of either conventional or containers or both, will arrive at the Port of Philadelphia from July onwards for the remainder of the season.” said Conradie. “Our unique model of collaboration has proven successful yet again, and we have not only forecasted a healthy supply of citrus, but we’re also committed to delivering fruit to satisfy the U.S. market with the finest summer citrus available in the world. This is why SCSA remains the preferred supplier of citrus in the U.S. during the summer months.”

SCSA operates in an area with a Mediterranean climate where winter rainfall forms an essential part of the planned sustained growth for future years. A video is available to illustrate SCSA’s plan and includes messages from the group’s Board of Directors to kick off its 25th season of shipping fresh citrus to the U.S.

About Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA)

Summer Citrus from South Africa represents a group of South African citrus growers who consolidate their logistics, marketing, and sales efforts to bring the finest citrus fruit to market during the U.S. summer season. Established in 1999 and re-branded for expanded marketing efforts in 2016, the group provides Navels, Midknights, East Peelers, Star Ruby Grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges for the U.S. market. For more information about Summer Citrus from South Africa, and visit the brand’sFacebook,Instagram andTwitter pages.

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Weekly Arrivals of South African Summer Citrus are Underway

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Nearly 4,000 tons of South African fresh fruit recently arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, which officially kicked of exports to the U.S.

The June 19 arrival included 3,800 pallets of clementines and navel oranges, according to a news release.

The ship, Everest Bay, arrived at the port’s Gloucester Marine Terminal in Gloucester City, N.J.

“We are proud to continue this fruitful partnership with summer citrus providers in South Africa,” Leo Holt, president and CEO of Holt Logistics, which operates Gloucester Terminals, LLC, said. “Keeping our food supply chain robust and intact is of the highest concern for our staff and many partners.”

The ship left the port of Cape Town on May 31. Ships containing citrus from South Africa will arrive weekly until October, the end of the summer citrus growing season.

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Summer Citrus from South Africa Confirms Strong 2020 Season

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A large cargo container ship out to sea.

CITRUSDAL, South Africa – Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) announces a strong 2020 season as the first vessel of the year makes its way to the United States this week.

Easy Peeler Clementines will be the first fruit to arrive this month at the New York port. More Easy Peelers and some Navel Oranges will follow with the first conventional vessel arriving in Philadelphia towards the third week of June. During peak season, containers will also arrive in the port of Philadelphia with more-or-less the same timing as the first conventional vessel. By this time, Star Ruby and Cara-Cara Oranges will also start be available.

“This year we’re expecting some of the most top quality and excellent eating quality fruit we’ve seen in recent years,” said Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa. “The timing of the 2020 harvest is aligning with the recent increase in demand of citrus due to COVID-19 while offering some of the best in season citrus from South Africa.”

While challenges within the international supply chain are inevitable, the group from South Africa manages supply based on demand with its impressive team of growersimporters, local and global officials as well as logistics and marketing teams.

“In response to our retail partners’ needs based on evolving consumer behaviors, our group is at the ready to be a trusted supplier of citrus starting towards end of May through October,” said Conradie.

On Wednesday, May 27th, Suhanra Conradie will be a featured speaker during PMA’s Virtual Town Hall and will provide an update on the current citrus market and upcoming summer season.

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About Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA)

Summer Citrus from South Africa represents a group of South African citrus growers who consolidate their logistics, marketing and sales efforts to bring the finest citrus fruit to market during the U.S. summer season. Established in 1999 and re-branded for expanded marketing efforts in 2016, the group provides Navels, Midknights, East Peelers, Star Ruby Grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges for the U.S. market. For more information about Summer Citrus from South Africa, and visit the brand’sFacebook,Instagram andTwitter pages.

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South African Summer Citrus to Arrive in June

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By Summer Citrus from South Africa

CITRUSDAL, South Africa – Now in its 20th year serving the U.S. with fresh citrus during the summer months, Summer Citrus from South Africa is looking for an improved export season to the America with removal of water restrictions.

South Africa exports citrus to the U.S. from June to October.

The group is looking to increase exports to the U.S. of easy peelers and mandarins. South Africa is the second largest exporter of citrus globally and the ultimate goal for the overall program in 2019 is to increase market share for the country’s fruit in the U.S.

After emerging from a three year drought, the growers of SCSA are looking for the “first proper citrus crop without any water restrictions,” underlining the association’s excitement around the potential of the upcoming season.

About Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA)

Summer Citrus from South Africa represents a group of South African citrus growers who consolidate their logistics, marketing and sales efforts to bring the finest citrus fruit to market during the U.S. summer season. Established in 1999 and re-branded for expanded marketing efforts in 2016, the group provides Navels, Midknights, East Peelers, Star Ruby Grapefruit and Cara-Cara oranges for the U.S. market.

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California is Experiencing Strong Strawberry Shipments; South African Citrus to Arrive Soon

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DSCN0607The past few weeks have seen California strawberry shipments ramping up for Mother’s Day and good volume will continue beyond…Meanwhile the first shipment of South African citrus will be arriving in the U.S. within a couple of weeks.

For example, California Giant Berry Farms and Well-Pict Inc., both based in Watsonville, have seen volume recently doubling on a weekly basis.

While most of the California strawberry shipment for Mother’s Day is coming out of the Santa Maria district, Salinas volume also is building.

The California Strawberry Commission reports the Salinas/Watsonville district has 13,233 acres of strawberries this season, which will account for 39 percent of the state’s strawberry acreage.

Last year, the district had 13,570 acres and accounted for 37 percent of the state’s strawberry acreage.  The area shipped more than 102 million trays of strawberries in 2017, up from 100,820,365 trays in 2016.

Most shippers are expecting volume in 2018 to be similar to last year’s.

Rain in mid-March really had an adverse affect on strawberry shipments for Easter this year.  In addition to Santa Maria, Salinas and Watsonville, strawberry shipments also have been coming out of Ventura County.

Summer Citrus From South Africa’s Planning Session Leads To Positive 2018 Season

by Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA)

CITRUSDAL, South Africa – Easy Peelers, followed by Navels and Star Rubies from South Africa, will start to arrive in containers in the United States towards the end of May, with the first conventional vessel arriving the third week of June at the port of Philadelphia. To support a successful 2018 season, members from across the U.S. and Western & Northern Cape came together in March for the Annual Planning Meeting, hosted by SCSA, to review sales and marketing plans, production volumes, shipping schedules, and category trends.

It is expected be a good season despite the challenges associated with the droughts occurring in the Western Cape.  With international best practices, innovation and the latest technology, growers are able to maximize their resources in these difficult times to produce an increased volume of good looking crop.



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Updates: Citrus Imports; Louisiana Sweet Potatoes

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img_65561The last imports of South African citrus coming into the United States should be arriving this week.  Meanwhile, here is an update on Louisiana sweet potato shipments where product still not harvested got pounded by rains last month.

South Africa Citrus

The last boat of the season from South Africa with citrus is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia the week of Sept. 26th.  Steady volumes of navel and midknight oranges from South Africa have been arriving in the U.S.

South Africa ships navels, midknights, mandarins, star ruby grapefruit and cara cara oranges.

Louisiana Sweet Potato Shipments

The nation’s fourth leading sweet potato shipper – Louisiana – was hit hard by heavy rains several weeks ago and we’re now starting to get a clearer picture of how much damage was done.

Torrential rains in southern Louisiana in mid-August caused major damage to the state’s agricultural producers, but the full  extent of sweet potato losses remains to be seen.  More than 30 inches of rain fell in a 48-hour period in many parts of southern Louisiana in mid-August, and more rain followed.

There’s no question the deluge will reduce the number of sweet potatoes shipped from Louisiana this year, but it is still too early to put a number on it.  Sweet potato shipments undoubtedly will be  be less because the fields were saturated for days.  By mid-September growers had either just started to dig or hadn’t started at all, making it difficult to come up with a good damage estimate.

Louisiana sweet potato growers south of Alexandria appeared to suffer the heaviest losses, but none of the state’s growers totally escaped the storm’s wrath.  Luckily, the majority of sweet potato production in the state is found north of Alexandria.

Louisiana shipped about 1.7 million boxes of sweet potatoes last season, fourth behind North Carolina, California and Mississippi.  Overall, sweet potato shipments on a national basis probably won’t be down, because North Carolina ships the majority of sweet potatoes, with California a distance second.

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Shipping Outlook: Imported Citrus and Grapes, etc.

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FDSCN7649rom the first arrival of South African citrus this week, to a better than expected loadings of Mexican grapes, here’s a shipping update.  It also includes New Jersey blueberry shipments and California strawberry shipments.

The first boat with summer citrus from South Africa is scheduled to arrive at the port of Philadelphia on June 24th, on schedule with past years.

The arrival of South African citrus plays an important role in the availability of easy peelers, Navel oranges and grapefruit during the summer months.

Mexican Grape Shipments

After exporting its 14 millionth box during the week of June 14, Mexico is on track to surpass the initial preseason total estimate of 14,171,000 boxes.

The industry is currently seeing around 15 to 20% extra volume this season, according to a Fresh Produce Association of the Americas press release.  The revised crop estimate for the state of Sonora is now in the 16 to 18 million box range.   Crossings at Nogales, AZ, are occurring daily, with over 300,000 boxes a day, and are expected to continue for the next two to three weeks.

Mexican grapes crossing at Nogales, AZ – grossing about $3800 to Chicago.

Blueberry Shipments

New Jersey blueberry shipments have started for Atlantic Blueberry Company, a major blueberry shipper in the state.

Established in 1935, Atlantic Blueberry Company, fully owned by the Galletta family, is a local family farm.   Art Galletta, president of the blueberry operation, works hand in hand with second, third and now fourth generation Galletta grandchildren too work the farm. “We were taught to always get along with each other and to work hard.  With this, good things happen,” says Art.

Total production, volume and shipments out of New Jersey looks to be similar to last year.

Strawberry Shipments

Improved weather conditions over last year has many optimistic California strawberry shipments will be much improved this year.

Strawberry shipments are now consistent with last year even though there was  a later start this spring due to rain.   While the cumulative volume is below the totals from 2015, the weekly volume shipments are about the same as last year moving heading towards July.  This is good news for projected shipments as the season moves further into summer.

Watsonville strawberries and Salinas vegetables – grossing about $7300 to New York City.


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South African Citrus and Peruvian Avocados are Arriving at U.S. Ports

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Imported citrus and fruit from South Africa and Peru are now arriving at U.S. ports.

Fresh South African citrus is arriving from South Africa every 10 days through October at the Gloucester (NJ) Marine Terminal.

The season’s first break bulk ship  bearing South Africa citrus discharged June 23 at the marine terminal, located on the Delaware River.

There were 3,400 pallets.   South Africans will ship a total of about 30,000 or 40,000 pallets of citrus to the United States this season  This is 15th season for South African summer citrus in the U.S.  Beginning in 1999, the program had  50 tons of citrus, which has grown to around 41,000 tons per year.

Avocados from Peru

Avocado shipments are showing a significant increase this year with imported fruit from Peru.  By mid June around 125 million pounds of Peruvian avocados had arrived in the U.S., primarily to ports at Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia.  However the majority of avocados are destined for markets along the Eastern seaboard and in the Southeastern United States.  This amount of avocados coming to the U.S. from Peru this season is more than double of a year ago.






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Excellent Loading Opportunities Seen for NW Fruit, Michigan Apples

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DSCN1781 It’s looking like excellent loading opportunities for fruit out of the Northwest, as well as apples from Michigan from now right into next summer.

While loadings of pears certainly are not one of biggest volume produce items available for hauling, it is substantial.  The nice thing about the fruit from the Northwest, is being loaded with apples.  The Northwest typically ships as many apples each year as the rest of the nation combined.   If the estimate holds, this would be the third largest amount of Northwest pear loadings on record – plus one of the larger apple crops.

Northwest pear shipments this season are estimated to be 19.8 million cartons, about two percent more than a year ago and about four percent more than five year average.

Washington state apples and pears – grossing about $4800 to Cleveland.

Michigan Apple Shipments

About 70 percent of Michigan apple shipments originate from the Fruit Ridge region.  While the official estimate for loads this season is 26 million bushels, some observers are predicting as much as 30 million bushels.  Michigan apple loadings have been underway since the third week of August.  Whatever the final total for shipments this season, it should end up next summer as one the biggest on record.

Michigan also continues to ship a variety of vegetables, blueberries and melons.

Michigan produce grossing – about $2100 to Atlanta.

South African Citrus Imports

Imports of  South African summer citrus are at about the half way point through the season.  Over 30,000 tons of citrus have arrived, mostly at Eastern seaboard ports.

The final boat is scheduled to arrive during the third week of October, with the season expected to be competed before USA domestic shipments get started.  This is the 14th season of citrus imports from South Africa to the USA  and average annually approximately 40,000 tons.

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