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Strong Avocado Shipments Seen by U.S. Suppliers Through January

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Avocado shipments are expected to be strong with stable volumes over the coming weeks, with an increase in the run-up to the Super Bowl.

The Del Rey Avocado Company reports supplies have been steady over recent weeks, hitting around 50 million pounds per week into the U.S. market.

This pace is likely to continue as volumes are expected to pick up in the new year. A weekly increase in volume to match the demand for the Super Bowl is seen from the middle to the end of January. However, it remains to be seen whether the U.S. market will see volumes of up to 78 million pounds per week for two or three weeks as in previous years.

Mission Produce notes Mexico is producing good volumes through December and leading into the Super Bowl on February 7, the biggest avocado sales period of the year. Volumes over 50 million pounds through December and will continue to grow as we get closer to the Big Game.

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Avocados from Mexico are Returning to Super Bowl

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The NFL playoffs are only days away, but one thing’s for certain — Avocados From Mexico are returning to the Super Bowl.

The organization plans to air a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl LIV, which takes place Feb. 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Fla. The ad will be supported by a digital, earned media, retail and foodservice promotional campaign emphasizing Avocados From Mexico are “always worth it,” according to a news release.

The Big Game features the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

“We have really found our sweet spot with Big Game viewers, and we look forward to delighting avocadoo fans nationwide with what will be a really fun spot,” Kevin Hamilton, head of brand marketing, PR & strategy at Avocados From Mexico, said in the release.

“Our fully integrated campaign builds on what we’ve done before, engaging existing avocado lovers, while highlighting for new consumers that Avocados From Mexico are Always Worth It,” he said in the release.

This will be the sixth year in a row that the group has run an ad during the Super Bowl, but this year, fans at the game can also find guacamole and tacos at AFM’s Tacos Por fAVOr concession stand, which opened in September at the stadium, according to the release.

The group’s ads have earned more than 27 billion impressions over the past five years, according to the release.

“Avocados From Mexico sources more than 80 percent of Americans’ avocado obsession — this is a story worth showcasing to 112 million viewers and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up this year,” Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados From Mexico, said in the release. 

“We look forward to being part of a big day in the marketing world and the country at large while reminding consumers that Avocados From Mexico are healthy, delicious and always in season,” he said in the release.

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Super Bowl Demand Helps with Record Shipments of Avocados

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DALLAS — Despite reports to the contrary, there will be plenty of guacamole as U.S. imports of Mexican avocados are at record levels and will continue approaching the Big Game, Sunday, February 3 in Atlanta. The United States received a record 71.9 million pounds for the week ending January 13, 2019; January imports of Mexican avocados are projected to reach 217 million pounds, up 16 percent from last year during the same period.

The Los Angeles Rams play the New England Patriots at 6:30 p.m. EST, on CBS.

Big Game Sunday is the biggest day for avocado consumption in America, according to Avocados From Mexico, and guacamole is one of the most popular foods served at game-day parties.

“This season is one of the most active periods for the Mexican avocado industry,” says Alvaro Luque, President of Avocados From Mexico.  “It’s a priority for our farmers, packers and distributors to ensure Americans have the avocados they want for the Big Game.”

Additionally, back for a fifth straight year, Avocados From Mexico will have a 30-second commercial during the Big Game, airing Sunday, February 3, 2019 on CBS. This year, AFM returns with its classic light-hearted humor to showcase that Avocados From Mexico are “Always Worth It.” Over the last four years, Avocados From Mexico has told dynamic stories of Avocados From Mexico’s versatility, seasonality, and health benefits (good fats), all leading up to this year’s overarching umbrella message: Simply put, Avocados From Mexico are Always Worth It.

Americans’ demand for avocados isn’t just for game-day parties. Mexican avocado imports are expected to reach a record-breaking 2 billion pounds this fiscal year, an increase of 7 percent from last year.

About Avocados From Mexico

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA), formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, public relations and research for all stakeholders of Avocados From Mexico. Under agreements, MHAIA and the Mexican Avocado Producers & Packers (APEAM A.C.) have combined resources to fund and manage AFM, with the intent to provide a focused, highly effective and efficient marketing program in the United States. AFM is headquartered in Irving, TX.

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Update for Loading Imported Melons, Avocados

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honeydewConsistent loading opportunities for imported melons are expected in coming months.  However, an expected bump in avocado shipments leading up to the Super Bowl will not be as big as originally thought.

Steady imports of imported melons are seen throughout the winter season for distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada by truck.

Guatemala’s imports finished in late January, but will be ramping up again in March.

Imported Mexican watermelon volume is much better this winter and are dealing with El Niño-affected volumes like last year.  Current Colima production will shift to Sonora from May through July.

Excellent fall and winter growing conditions in Guatemala have been very good for record melon yields and imports.

Mexican melons, tomatoes, vegetables crossing at Nogales, AZ – grossing about $3400 to Chicago.

Mexican Imported Avocados

There will not be any increase in imports of Mexican avocados for U.S.. produce truckers anytime soon from the state of Jalisco, which was planned for shipping in time for the February 5th Super Bowl.  Avocado shipments typically increase significantly prior to the big game since it so popular with Super Bowl parties, etc.  Still, there should be enough avocados to meet the demand.

Shipments from Mexico’s state of Jalisco — thought to be on track in mid-January — are expected to be delayed for three or four months.  However, final clearances have not been approved and some issues apparently have to be resolved.

Jalisco’s share of Mexico’s 3.4 billion pounds of output is estimated at about 5 percent.  The USDA reported that 2016-17 acreage of avocados in Jalisco totaled 44,000 acres, about 9 percent of Mexico’s total avocado acreage of 503,000 acres.

Mexico accounted for about 95 percent of U.S. avocado supply in mid-January, with light volume also noted from Chile, the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.

Mexcian avocadoes crossing through the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas – grossing about $4200 to New York City.


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Gauc Nation Getting Ready for Super Bowl

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guacnationAvocados From Mexico and Old El Paso have teamed up for a third time to make the Big Game one for the guacamole consumption record books with Guac Nation. Running Dec. 26 to Feb. 5, 2017 (ending the day of the Super Bowl) , the program will offer a full spectrum of support while leveraging the excitement of Super Bowl festivities and get-togethers to highlight delicious snacks and party food featuring fresh Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso.

The campaign will be bolstered with consumer incentives and retailer support, such as recipe inspiration through social media, in-store radio, merchandising focused on molcajete-shaped display bins, and the Guac Center Pallet bin. The Guac Center Pallet bin is unique in that it has separate side pockets allowing retailers to merchandise everything a shopper would need to build their own guacamole, like tomatoes, onions, jalapeños or limes. Approximately 73 percent of people, hosts and guests alike, make grocery store trips specifically for the Big Game, and these inspirational posts and display bins make game-day shopping that much easier.

“The Big Game is the perfect broad-reaching platform to promote avocado consumption surrounding the traditions of in-home entertaining for people of all backgrounds,” Stephanie Bazan, market development director of AFM, said in a press release. “Hosts of Big Game parties want to create simple crowd-pleasing dishes and with the Big Game ranking as one of the top occasions where avocados — especially guacamole — are served, the Guac Nation program will reinforce the relationship between guacamole and football.”

Guac Nation is an example of how the continued collaboration between Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso is using a total market approach at the shopper level. Designed with how today’s shopper consumes media in mind, the Guac Nation program includes four strong digital components to reach shoppers along the entire path to purchase: Catalina Buyer Vision, Ibotta, Pinterest and Facebook.

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Big Volume Shipments are Ahead for Avocados and Mangoes

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IMG_5479+1Shipments of both avocado and mangoes are on the rise and will continue to increase as we get further into the year.

California avocado shipments are now providing steady loadings for produce truckers from both southern California and the San Joaquin Valley.   The California harvest is now exceeding 10 million pounds per week and will continue to increase through the spring.  Shipments are expected to peak in late June, and remain strong throughout 2016.  A significant dip in avocado shipments is not expected until after the Super Bowl, Feb. 5, 2017, in Houston.
While California avocado shipments tend to be hauled to markets in the western half of the U.S., much of the avocado supply for U.S. markets is coming from Mexico, which tends to serve destinations in the eastern half of the U.S.  Mexican avocado shipments also are heavy this year, with the majority of imports crossing the border at McAllen, Tx.
Huron head lettuce and San Joaquin Valley citrus – grossing about $5600 to New York City.
Mango Imports

Mexican mango shipments imported to the USA were unseasonably low during March.  For the week ending on March 19, 1.2 million boxes arrived from Mexico, making it 4.8 million boxes for the season.  That is down from the same week in 2015, when 1.5 million boxes arrived and 5.9 million boxes had come in for the season.  However, mango imports are now on the rise and big volume supplies are crossing the border from Mexico, as well as arriving at US ports by boat from Guatemala.

Lower Rio Grande Valley citrus, Mexican mangos, tomatoes, vegetables – grossing about $2600 to Chicago.

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Record 278 Million Mexican Avocados Shipped for Super Bowl

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The US population continues to consume more and more avocados. Consumption is driven by increased media attention as well as in-store promotions. “This year, a record-shipment of 139 million lbs. is expected to come in from Mexico to be consumed in the run up to and on the day of the Big Game,” said Maggie Bezart Hall with Avocados from Mexico. “This would be a 13 percent increase compared to last year,” she added.

DSCN5886139 million lbs. of avocados equals 278 million individual avocados. This is just for Super Bowl Sunday and the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. “US avocado consumption during the Big Game is enough to fill a football field end zone to end zone more than 53 ft. deep,” shared Bezart Hall. On Super Bowl Sunday, look for the avocado commercial during the first commercial break segment.
The majority of avocados being consumed in the US end up in guacamole. Eating avocados on a sandwich is second most popular, followed by salads and avocados consumed by themselves.
Meanwhile, it’s the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50!

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Avocados from Mexico To Advertise – Again – in Super Bowl

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AvocadosDALLAS – Building on the momentum generated last February, when it became the first fresh produce brand to broadcast an ad during the most-watched television program in the United States, Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is following up with another multi-dimensional campaign for the 2016 Super Bowl, airing on Sunday, February 7, on CBS.

The number-one selling avocado in the U.S. with more than 75 percent of the market, AFM plans to debut this years’ experience during the first break of the game.  Last year’s AFM Big Game campaign, “First Draft Ever,” also created by GSD&M, included a TV spot, teaser and social media war room during the game, boosting attention with collaborative support from PR, social and digital media. AFM avocado consumption grew 35% in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, and the airing of “First Draft Ever” was a key element contributing to the growth percentage.

The humorous spot which depicted Mexico’s choice of the avocado during a pre-historic, football-styled “draft” of plants and animals, earned widespread acclaim and consumer engagement, which set the brand up for success and increased demand in the month of February, historically a slower month for avocado consumption. Because of their ability to successfully bring brands to life on a big stage, Austin-based advertising agency GSD&M was chosen once again for creative strategy and production of the Big Game multi-dimensional campaign for Avocados From Mexico.

As it did for 2015, Havas Media will be handling the buying and execution of the Big Game spot, along with supporting CBS properties to surround its debut. “Last year’s groundbreaking Big Game experience was an overwhelming success, as it showcased the origin of the number-one selling avocado in the U.S., taking brand awareness of Avocados From Mexico to the next level,” said Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados From Mexico.

In February 2015, AFM’s Big Game campaign was seen by more than 114 million U.S. viewers, and – coupled with social media and PR support – generated more than 1.6 billion earned and paid media impressions in one week.  Engagement for all social media platforms was up 5,400 percent and #FirstDraftEver trended in 27 cities nationwide. “Last year, our Big Game ad and social media support helped fuel the growth of Avocados From Mexico to new heights, and we’re confident this year will do the same,” noted Luque. “More Americans than ever are embracing the many nutritional benefits of this “superfruit,” making this an ideal time to educate consumers that you can buy fresh Mexican avocados 365 days of the year

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA), formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, public relations and research for all stakeholders of Avocados From Mexico.

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Avocados: 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

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IMG_6792Here are nine facts you probably did not know about avocados.

(1)**You can judge when an avocado is ready to eat by squeezing it.  Color alone does not indicate if an avocado is ripe. Hold the  fruit in your palm and then gently squeeze, being careful not to bruise the fruit. It should be firm, but give to gentle pressure.

(2)**Avocados used to be served only to royalty and were a symbol of wealth.  Now, you can enjoy them anytime!

(3)**The most popular avocado is the Hass variety, named after mailman Rudolph Hass from La Habra Heights, Calif.  He patented his tree in 1935.

(4)**Avocados can be used as an ingredient in desserts.  In Brazil, avocados are a popuklar ingredieint for ice creams and in the Philippines they pur’ee avocados with sugar and milk for a dessert drink.

(5)**To ripen, they have to be plucked from trees.  To help ripen an avocado, place it in a brown bag and keep in a cool spot for two to three days.

(6)**During the Super Bowl, there are more than 8 million pounds of avocados eaten across America.  And during Cinco de Mayo, there are about 14 million pounds eaten.

(7)**Avocados don’t self-pollinate; they need another avocado tree close by to produce fruit. The avocado is an Aztec symbol of love and fertility and they only grow in pairs.

(8)**Avocados were used as a spread instead of butter when European sailors traveled to the New World. Learning from the past, avocados are a healthy alternative to butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, and cream cheese.

(9)**Another name for the Hass avocado is the Alligator Pear because of its bumpy, green skin and pear shape.

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Mexican Avocados to be Promoted During the Super Bowl

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AvocadoBy the time the 2015 Super Bowl reaches the end of the first quarter on Feb. 1, at least 125 million people will have the opportunity to see a fresh produce item advertised along with the top consumer brands in the world.

For the first time ever, a fresh produce item will share the spotlight with nachos, beer, colas and other products that typically fill the advertising space of the National Football League’s annual championship game.  This year, a 30-second spot touting Avocados From Mexico will share the limelight.   The commercial for Avocados From Mexico, the number-one selling avocado in the United States, is being kept under wraps until it debuts at the end of the first quarter.

Soon after the advertisement airs, Avocados From Mexico will launch an aggressive social media campaign designed to get game-watchers in the Mexico spirit, and will increase awareness that Avocados from Mexico are always in season and pair perfectly with their football celebrations.

In January and February 2015, the amount of avocados imported to the United States is expected to be more than 285 million pounds, with Mexican avocados leading the way as the top importer and the top seller.

Eating guacamole pairs very well with football-watching and there has been promoting of Mexican avocados and guacamole in many different venues including national consumer advertising, in-store displays, in-store radio, in coupons and in public relations efforts.  The campaign also is driven by the promotions teams of Avocados From Mexico and the Old El Paso line of consumer product goods, including taco shells and taco-making kits.



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