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Hauling Round up: From Idaho Apples to Texas Citrus, and Chilean Imports

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DSCN4527Idaho apple shipments will provide the most loading opportunities since 1999, while  Texas citrus is cranking up.  Meanwhile, bad news from Chile as a killer freeze will take its toll on imports.

Idaho certainly isn’t a Washington state, or even a New York state, or Michigan when it comes to apple shipments, but it does provide moderate loading opportunities.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Idaho has a bumper apple crop this season….Of course, as is often the case, Idaho is shipping plenty of potatoes – and needs more trucks.

What is normally thought of as a potato shipping state, has an estimated 70 million pounds of apples this year, believed to be the largest in 15 years.   With harvest winding down, yields have been great and apple quality is reported excellent, while growers are scrambling to find as many bins as possible.

Idaho’s apple harvest generally begins around the first part of September and is mostly wrapped up by the end of October, though some picking extends into November.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $1700 to L.A.; $5700 to New York City.

Texas Citrus Shipments

Harvesting of both grapefruit and oranges out of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is well underway. Volume has been light thus far, but shipments should increase significantly by the week of November 10th.  Good quality is reported and loadings should be available through next April.

Texas citrus – grossing about $2500 to Chicago.

Chilean Fruit Hit by Freeze

Lightning seems to have struck twice in Chile as frosts last week devastated crops in some southern growing regions, with one large producer estimating between 30-100 percent crop loss for fruits including kiwifruit, blueberries, cherries and apples.   The freeze occurred October 8-9.  We’ll keep you  updated since Chile is a primary exporter of fresh produce to the U.S., with produce arriving at ports on both coasts, particularly during the winter months.

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Wisconsin Spuds Have Started; Texas Citrus Kicks Off in September

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DSCN3871+1Central Wisconsin potato shipments got underway in light volume nearly two weeks ago, while Texas citrus shipments get underway next month.

Wisconsin typically ships up to 30 million cwt. with roughly 45 percent of the crop going to the fresh market. Excellent growing conditions in the Badger State is expected to result in good quality potatoes coming out of storages during the season. That should translate into good arrivals at destination for potato haulers.

There should be good, steady volume for Labor Day deliveries.  Steady shipments are expected to continue through Memorial Day next year and possibly through the Fourth of July — unless, of course, something weatherwise or disease wise happens between now and the completion of the current harvest.

Potatoes from the Stevens Point, WI area – grossing about $1100 to Chicago.

Texas Citrus Shipments

We are still at least six weeks away from shipments of South Texas citrus shipments for the 2014-15 season.  The season typically kicks off in late September and continues into the following May.

Last season, the Lower Rio Grande Valley had about 5 million cartons of grapefruit and about 3 million cartons of oranges shipped.

One change this seaon is the USDA has a new rule allowing smaller sizes of Texas grapefruit and oranges shipped. The size decreased from 2 6/16 inches (which is size 138 fruit per carton) to 2 3/16 inches in diameter (163 fruits per carton).

Mexican citrus, fruit and vegetables crossing through McAllen, Tx – grossing about $2600 to Chicago.


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South Texas Produce Shipments are Increasing, with Some Help from Mexico

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HPtxOnionsShipments of Mexican sweet onions have been crossing the border into South Texas since mid February and are about three weeks or so later than normal, due to cold weather.  The Texas 1015 sweet onion crop in the Lower Rio Grand Valley is pretty much mirroring the Mexican onions and are behind schedule as well.

The Texas 1015 onion shipments should get underway within the next week and loadings should continue through May.  The Winter Garden District just south of San Antonio should start shipping sweet onions the first week of May and continue for about eight weeks.

A number of Mexican produce loads are crossing the border in South Texas ranging from carrots to strawberries, raspberries and roma tomatoes, among other items.

Some good news on the berry front is that TransFresh Corp. of Salinas, CA is working with a warehousing facility to provide its Techtrol CO2 process for Mexican berries crossing the border.  Bagged pallets of berries with the gassing process has been found to extend the shelf life and quality of berries.  It also reduces the chances of claims relating to the quality of berries.

Texas citrus shipments led by grapefruit and oranges are moving in steady volume from the Lower Rio Grande Valley.    About 100 loads of Texas oranges are being shipped weekly.


South Texas and Mexican produce – grossing about $5000 to New York City.

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Florida Produce Shipments, Texas Citrus Unaffected by Recent Cold

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DSCN2868Produce crops and shipments dodged another potentially winter killing weather system in early January that produced record lows throughout the Midwest and East.  Following close scrunty of fresh produce items being grown in both Florida and Texas, it looks like things are okay, with items coming out of it unscathed.

Strawberries in the Plant City, FL area, just west of Tampa had mostly trouble with too warm weather this winter until the early January winter blast.  This time of year, the relatively small area of Florida is the biggest volume shipper of strawberries.

Floridas tomatoes  in winter also  provide a signiticant amount of loading opportunties.  The state also has light volume with a number of other mixed vegetables, plus cirus, all of which escapted unharmed.


It was a similar story in the Lone Star State.  In South Texas, some citrus-growing areas dropped to near 32 degress F., but growers really don’t worry about freezing until it’s 28 degrees F. or lower and then the temperatures need to stay there for awhile.

The cold weather is reported to actually help the Texas citrus crop, since after a mild 2012-13 winter,  Asian citrus psyllids and other pests don’t thrive as much when it’s cold.  As a result Texas citrus shipments should remain steady and on course.

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Texas Oranges, Grapefruit Moving into Volume; Florida Tomato Loadings are Down

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IMG_6428Texas citrus shipments from the Lower Rio Grande Valley have moved into good volume…..In Florida, tomato loadings are underway, but will not hit decent volume until the end of November.

In Texas, there has been a major change in citrus shipping.   Paramount Citrus of Delano, CA has acquired Rio Queen Inc. in Mission, TX and Healds Valley Farms Inc. in nearby Edinburg.

As a result, Paramount Citrus now owns 10,000 acres in the valley, plus is handling sales and marketing for 40 growers with another 10,000 acres.

About 60 to 70 percent of the Lower Rio Grande Valley citrus shipments this season will be through Paramount Citrus.  Consolidations in south Texas have been occurring for the past 25 years.  There are now just a handful or so companies that both grow and ship their own citrus.

About 85 percent of the valley’s citrus shipments are with grapefruit, with the balance being in oranges.  Total citrus shipments from south Texas this season are expected to be slightly below that of a year ago, but still will be a good sized crop.

South Texas Citrus, plus Mexican produce – grossing about $2300 to Chicago.

Florida Tomato Shipments

Due to heavy September rains, Florida mature green tomato shipments will be down by about 25 percent  from the Homestead and Palmetto-Ruskins areas.  Loadings also are taking place later than normal this year.  Shipments typically start in late October and hit volume in mid-November.  This year, however, volume shipments are not expected to begin until late November.  Florida tomatoes are shipped in 25-pound cartons.

South Florida produce shipments – grossing about $2400 to New York City.


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Loadings in Texas, Idaho, Colorado, NY and South Florida

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Looking around the nation, here are some upcoming loading opportunities ranging from Texas, to Idaho, Colorado, New York and South Florida.

New York’s nearly 700 apple growers are expected to harvest approximately 32 million bushels of vintage apples by November – a new record.

After last year’s short crop, there will be lots to celebrate this fall.   A year ago, frost led to a crop of only 17.1 million bushels.

New York apple shipments of it top variety McIntosh is currently underway in the Eastern part of the state, and will soon be shipped from orchards statewide.   Apple varieties ranging from Zestar, to Gala,  and HoneyCrisp area and other varieties are being loaded from production areas across the state.

Hudson Valley New York apples – grossing about $2700 to Atlanta.

Texas Citrus Shipments

Rio Grande Valley  Texas citrus shipments should get underway with a pretty normal start in early to mid-October this season.

About 75 percent of the Lone Star state’s citrus shipments will be with grapefruit, and  25 percent with oranges.  Peak loadings typically occur between mid November and the first of the year.

Colorado Potato Shipments

Due to lack of water and poor markets there is a 10 percent reduction in acreage from last year in Colorado.  Planted acreage is about 50,000 acres this year.  Most shipments from the state originate in the San Luis Valley, although there is much smaller volume coming out of Northeastern Colorado.

San Luis Valley Potatoes – grossing about $1750 to Dallas.

Idaho Potato Shipments

While early season shipments of Idaho potatoes haven’t yielded any significant quality problems (just some small sized potatoes), the state had a lot hot weather during the growing season.  It’s just something to keep an eye out for when loading, in case quality problems start developing.

Idaho Potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

South Florida Imports

South Florida ports are receiving papyas from Central American for distribution throughout the USA.  The heaviest arrivals occur between July and March from such countries as Belize and Guatemala.  Don’t count on straight loads of the tropical fruit, but sometimes a few pallets can help you get where you need to go.

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