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A National Glimpse of Produce Shipments from Nearly a Dozen States

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DSCN3858+1Here’s a quick glimpse at some produce loading opportunities from 11 different states ranging from coast-to-coast.

Washington Produce Shipments

Washington state continues to ship its 2013-14 season crop of apples, averaging about 1,500 truck load equivalents per week.  Also coming out of the Yakima and Wenachee vallies are fresh cherries.  Volume remains strong, but is still only about one-third the volume of apple shipments.

Washington fruit – grossing about $7500 to New York City.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Peach shipments from the Benton Harbor area and other areas of Southwest Michigan have started.  Loadings for the stone fruit are generally a relatively short haul – within a 500 mile radius for the most part.  Chicago is one of the more popular destinations…..Apples from the area are expected to get underway the third week of August.  Meanwhile, Michigan blueberry shipments are moving into good volume, while summer mixed veggies continue.

Michigan blueberries – grossing about $2700 to Atlanta; Michigan vegetables grossing 15 to 20 percent less.

New Jersey Produce Shipments

Garden State peach shipments started a couple of weeks ago and are now moving into good volume.  Jersey blueberry loadings are still occurring, butare now past peak volume.  The southern part of the state  also is shipping a mixture of vegetables.

Watermelon Shipments

Watermelon loadings continue from a number of states.  While eastern Texas watermelon shipments, as well as Georgia watermelon shipments are declining, volume is steady out of South Carolina, but cranking up in North Carolina, followed closely by the Eastern Shore states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia…..Look for increasing volume of Missouri watermelons out of the boot heal area…..The watermelon season has recently started out of Southwest Indiana and Southeast Illinois.


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Watermelon Loads Shifting from Mexico to the U.S.; Other Items Starting Out of Arizona, Washington

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IMG_5321With Mexican watermelon shipments coming across the border ending soon, here’s three states looking to take up the slack.  There also are a couple of shipping areas becoming active with other items in the west.

Mexican watermelon volume is rapidly coming to a close, but it is a slow start for the new watermelon season in Florida and Texas.

Immokalee watermelon shipments started in early May, with decent volume finally arriving this week – just in time for Memorial Day arrivals.  Mexico had some late season disease problems with watermelons and you need to use caution loading Florida melons, as similar problems are being reported.

Texas Watermelon Shipments

Texas watermelon shipments are running a little late and good volume is not expected before May 2oth, meaning for the most part shipments will come after Memorial Day.  Again, we on the look out for what you put in the truck as quality problems may exist due to high winds and other factors.  Another concern is if hot weather arrives, the melons could suffer from being on the plants too long.  This will not be one of the larger volume crops Texas has had.

Arizona Watermelon Shipments

Yuma watermelons should be getting underway in light volume this week.  Average yield and good quality are being reported.

Arizona Potato Shipments

Red and yellow potato loadings from the Elroy, AZ , just southeast of Phoenix, have started and should conintue until about July 4. Mini reds, mini yellows and purple varieties of spuds should ship through August.

Walla Walla Onion Shipments

Walla Walla sweet onions are expected to begin shipments up to 10 days behind typical starts.  The onions  are grown on 600 acres.  Volume should be normal,   which would  amount to around 600,000 40-pound cartons for the season.  Shipments should ramp up towards the end of June and run through mid-August.

Florida watermelons, veggies and other items – grossing about $3600 to Chicago; $4800 to New York City.

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