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Eastern Produce Loadings will Soon Arrive

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While California is the top shipper of peaches, South Carolina and Georgia usually rank second and third, and not necessarily in that order, depending upon the season.

Peach shipments from South Carolina will get started by early June, usually a few days later than nearby Georgia.  However, it won’t be until good shipments come on several weeks later, you’ll have decent loading opporunities.  Peak loadings should come just in time for the Fourth of July.


An unseasonably cold March and disease could very well slash watermelon shipments from Central and South Florida by 50%.


Western Michigan apple shippers apparently dodged the proverbial bullet last week, avoiding significant freeze damage, which would have been a scary repeat of a year ago, when most shipments were wiped out by the cold.  It appears there will be be good apple shipments when movement starts this summer.

Similar to 2012, Michigan growers have 36,500 acres in apple production this season.


Asparagus growers in Southern Ontario have taken a hit as freezing temperatures took their toll on the crop recently.  Frozen asparagus has a clear appearance and spears will droop as it warms up and should not be shipped.  However, these plants will grow more spears.

Avocados from Mexic0Produce truckers this season have already picked up a lot of avocado at ports of entry along the Southern border.  Trucks have delivered nearly a million pounds of Mexican avocados to markets across the USA and Canada.  However, this is only the beginning.  Before the season ends later this year, a billion pounds of Mexican avocadoes will have been hauled to markets a cross North America.


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Loadings for Apples, Watermelons, Onions and Potatoes

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Apple shipments will remain good through the remainder of the season (late July) as about 36 million bushels of fresh-market apples, mostly in Washington state, remain in storage for shipping.  This is  about  21% more than last year at the same time.

The  21% figure also represents how many more apples remain to be shipped compared to  the 5-year average.  Less than 1 million bushels of apples remain to be hauled from other states besides Washington.

There was more fruit remaining in storages for all major apple varieties to be shipped compared to last year at this time.

Washington state apples – grossing about $6500 to New York City.


While watermelon shipments in Florida got underway in early May, it will be the end of the month before there is decent volume.  Weather and disease factors will reduce Florida melon loading opportunities this season…Both Texas and Arizona are loading watermelons, with good volume not arriving until around the Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27).

Sweet Onions

Looking ahead to the Northwest,  Walla Walla, WA growers have planted approximately 600 acres of the Walla Walla sweet onions this year, down  slightly from the 2012 season.   Sweet onion shipments should get going around  mid-June and running through mid-August.  In total, Washington state last year shipped non-storage onions from about 2,500 acres, up slightly from 2011.


Idaho continues trying to shed itself of another mammoth crop of russet potatoes.  The state is averaging nearly 1,700 truckload equivalents of spud shipments weekly, although a significant amount of this is moving by rail….Second heaviest potato shipments are currently coming out of the San Luis Valley of Colorado, where about 575 truckload equivalents are moving each week.

San Luis Valley potatoes – grossing about $1700 to Dallas.

Idaho potatoes – about $5525 to Boston.

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Some Top Choices are Watermelon, Cherries and Tomatoes

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This is the most fun time of the year buy fresh produce, unless of course you are growing your own.  Home grown tomatoes can’t be beat.  Eat ’em like apples!

Here in Oklahoma for only a few weeks, we savor our Porter peaches, grown around the small town of Porter, OK on the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line.  Nothing compares!  Wish I could say the same for peaches coming from both coasts.  Their quality has been all over the board this summer.  Some has been juicy and sweet, while others have been dry and tastless.

The same goes for strawberries, although they have been disappointing more often than not.

The pleasant surprises for me in the produce departments this summer has been the seedless watermelons, and the bing cherries – both from California and Washington state.  The melons and cherries have been reasonably priced and the quality has been quite good.  Watermelons are now coming out of areas such as the bootheel of Missouri as well as Illinois and Indiana.

Kiwifruit has been a great buy for months.  I pick it up regularly at three for a dollar.  It hasn’t mattered whether it has been from California, Mexico, Chile, etc.  It has all been good….Another excellent buy are avocados!  I have had them from both California and Mexico recently.  They are great in salads.  I also love to spread them on crackers and have with a glass of red wine.


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Eastern Produce Shipping Update

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In Florida while some vegetable shipments, such as peppers are on the decline, items such as potatoes, watermelons and tomatoes are providing better loading opportunities. 

Florida is shipping about 500 truckloads of potatoes weekly and product is now coming out of the Hastings/Palatka area…..Watermelons are moving in much heavier volume, over 2,200 truckloads a week, from southern and central Florida.  There also is good volume with tomatoes from the southern and central parts of the state.

 If you are in Florida and need to fill out the truck, southern Georgia continues to ship greens, squash and other vegetables….Vidalia onions are now moving in good volume….In the Ft. Valley area, peach shipments have started…..Peaches in South Carolina are only a few days behind Georgia and both states  should provide good loading opportunities – especially through the month of June.

South Carolina also has light to moderate volume with greens, sweet onions, cabbage, parsley and cilantro.  Coming in June will be  shipments of corn, tomatoes and peppers.

Looking ahead, North Carolina loading opportunities for watermelons and cantaloupe will be coming the last half of June.

Southern New Jersey continues to ship light amounts of lettuce and asparagus.  These items will be winding down with the month of May, but will be replaced in June with vegetables ranging from bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, as well as blueberries and peaches.

Central Florida tomatoes, watermelons – grossing about $4100 to New York City.

Georgia vegetables – about $2700 to Philadlephia.

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