Michigan Apple Shipping Outlook; Plenty of Apple Loads Remain from Current Season

Michigan Apple Shipping Outlook; Plenty of Apple Loads Remain from Current Season

GAtks0314 030Here’s an outlook for Michgian apple shipments that will start soon with the new season.  However, there are still plenty of apple loads remaining for the current season that started late last summer, particularly from Washington, New York, and Michigan.

Michigan apple shipments should be good this spring, despite a harsh winter.  Initial loadings are only a few weeks away.  However, the jury is still out on other fruit items ranging from blueberries, to cherries, grapes, plums, apricots and peaches,  The fate of these items and the amount of damage will depend largely on what Mother Nature has in store the next few weeks.

National Apple Shipments

Concerning the old apple crop, about 48 million bushels of U.S.-grown fresh-market apples had yet to be shipped as of April 1, three  less than last year at the same.  The April total was, however, eight percent higher than the five-year average.  Washington accounted for 41.7 million bushels of the U.S. total, Michigan 2.8 million bushels and New York 2.5 million bushels.

Michigan apples – grossing about $3400 to Dallas.

Washington state apples – grossing about $4000 to Chicago.

Mango Imports

Mango imports in 2013 compared to 2000 have increased  a whooping 236 percent from Peru.  Peru is now the second largest source for imported mangoes, representing 10 percdent of mango volume.   Another big importer is Ecuador, which also has seen a rise in imports to the U.S., with a 160 percent increase from 2000 and 21 percent over last year. Peru has seen the biggest jump, with a 53 percent increase over last year. As of mid-March, 12 million boxes had been shipped. The projection for the year is 10.9 million boxes.