Texas Vegetable Volume is Increasing after a Slow Start; Argentina Lemon Imports

Texas Vegetable Volume is Increasing after a Slow Start; Argentina Lemon Imports

A16South Texas vegetables are improving, plus an update on how Argentina lemon imports are shaping up.

Texas vegetable shipments have gotten off to a rocky start due to weather factors, but shippers see volume improving, although it may December before that happens.

Most of the Lower Grande Valley and the Winter Garden/Uvalde growing regions in Central Texas received a lot of rain the past two months, and delayed plantings. Wet field also have hindered harvests.  It has resulted in a number of vegetables getting off to a slow start.

Texas cabbage shipments are expected to be good, in part because of reduced volume in Florida and Georgia resulting from hurricane damage.

Frontera Produce Ltd. in Edinburg, TX ships cilantro, chili peppers, calabaza and cabbage and has noted its challenges with the weather, but says crops and loadings have rebounded.  Quality is reported good.

Frontera started shipping jalapeño, anaheim and serrano peppers, as well as calabaza squash in mid October.  During the past four years the company has gradually increased its chili pepper production, and this year that trend continues.  Frontera is now starting its Texas cabbage season.

Grow Farms Texas LLC of Donna reports Mexico’s prime vegetable growing region in Culiacan has been spared damage from a series of storms, but hot pepper production just to the south were not as lucky.

Argentina Lemon Imports

Argentina produce company Latin Lemon has pointed out the country’s return to the U.S., which last year reopened for the South American country after a 17-year hiatus.  Latin Lemon reports the first season had gone very well, despite the strict export protocol, while nearly 10,000 metric tons (MT) of lemons were exported to the U.S.

Argentina took advantage of an eight-week window after California’s season, but before the heavy Mexican volumes.  The plan was and is to slowly and cautiously build up volumes.  Argentina currently exports nearly 20 percent of its lemon production.