Slight Rise in Mexican Avocados Predicted for 20-21 Season

Slight Rise in Mexican Avocados Predicted for 20-21 Season

A modest 3 percent increase over last season is being forecast by the USDA for Mexican avocados.

Mexico is the leading producer and exporter of avocados globally, with nearly 964,000 metric tons valued at over $2.4 billion exported to the United States in 2019-20, a historical record for both quantity and value.

Mexican avocado production is predicted to rise by 3 percent over last season in the 2020-21 season to 2.41m metric tons (MT). The predicted increase for the crop year running from July through June is due to continued expansion in planted area and optimal weather conditions without hail or frost during the growing season.

Planted and harvested areas are expected to increase to 243,640 hectares (ha) and 232,495 ha, respectively, with a national yield of 10.36 MT/ha. Avocado production in 2019-20 reached 2.32m MT, 6 percent greater compared to 2018-19 on the increased planted area.

The peak harvest period is from October to February, with an average supply from March to May. The the low volume season is from June to September.

Production in the state of Michoacán, the only state with U.S. market access, was seven percent higher compared to the previous marketing year, and production and exports are expected to grow even further in 2020-21. Despite Covid-19 pandemic challenges to agricultural harvests and supply chains, avocado demand in the United States remained strong and is forecast to increase.