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California Desert Veggie and Grape Shipping Update

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Although it’s very doubtful any of the shippers in the Coachella Valley will be able to provide you with a full load of vegetables, there is decent volume with veggies being shipped in the weeks ahead.

Eggplant loadings have just started and should continue into late June.   Shipments of beans started in mid April and was followed by bell peppers and corn, which should continue into the first week of June.

Mature-green tomatoes are just now starting and should last until the first or second week of June.  Green tomatoes in the desert should continue until “greens” start out of the San Joaquin Valley.

In addition to corn, beans, eggplant and tomatoes, the Coachella Valley also is shipping bell peppers, seeded watermelons; cucumbers, and hard squash.  May and June will be peak shipping months for most of these items.

Red grapefruit from the desert has been going on for several months and loadings should continue through May.


Very light volume of Coachella Valley table grapes get underway this week, although it will be at least two more weeks before the is good volume.

Last year Coachella  shipped about 5.6 million boxes of table grapes.  This year, shippers believe there will around 5.8 million 6.2 million boxes shipped.

Coachella shippers are hopeful good volume will occur in time for the Memorial Day holiday (May 25-27).

California desert vegetables – grossing about $7300 to New York City.

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Southern Georiga Fall Veggie Loads are Starting

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While loading opportunities for summer vegetables in the mid-west and northeast may have been hindered some due to dry, hot weather, loadings are expected to be brisk for this fall in Georgia.  Normal vegetables shipments are expected from the southern part part of the state.  Here’s a look at when primarily fall veggies shipments should be available.

These items should continue providing loads in good volume until the first frost hits, which normally comes in mid to late November.  The exception is cabbage, which is more frost resistant.

Squash –mid September

Cucumbers — late September

Peppers — early October

Corn and beans — mid October

Cabbage — early November

As the fall Georgia vegetable shipments start declining in November, loading opportunities will be increasing in Florida.  However, Florida volume will be light, compared to its most active time of the year, which is spring.

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Georgia Loadings are Cranking Up

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While Georgia greens, cabbage, squash  and Vidalia sweet onions shipments have been underway, more items are joining the “party.”   Over the last half of May loadings will begin for cucumbers, bell peppers, watermelons and blueberries from southern areas of the state.  Volume on “blues”  will be lighter than usual at the start due a freeze earlier this year.  Most of the vegetable shippers have operations scattered between the Georgia/Florida state line stretching northward up to the Americus and Cordele areas….Vidalia onions, and some other vegetable shipments are in the Southeastern part of Georgia.

Just south of Macon, GA is the Ft. Valley area, famous for its Georgia peaches.  Loadings for the stone fruit should get started in a light way within the next week or so, with good volume coming about a week later.  About 2.5 million boxes of peaches should be shipped this season, down a little from the bumper loadings of a year ago.

South Georgia vegetables – grossing about $2800 to New York City.

Southeastern Vidalia onions – about $2600 to Chicago.


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Many California Districts are Shipping

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Whether talking the desert areas of the Imperial or Coachella Valleys, or Southern California to Ventura County, Bakersfield, and on to Santa Maria and Salinas, produce is being shipped.  Granted, not all the areas are in full harvest, but shipping areas are abundant.  It will only get better for produce haulers in the weeks ahead as demand for refrigerated equipment increases and rates climb accordingly.

In the desert, you’ll find bell peppers, beans and sweet corn in both the Imperial Valley and the Coachella Valley.  Cantaloupe loadings begin in a couple of weeks or so.  Also, the Coachella Valley ships the first domestic grapes in the U.S. each year.  Coachella grape loadings will begin a week to 10 days earlier than normal this year — around the first week of May.  Loadings should continue through June, with about 9 million cartons forecast.

California cherry shipments begin from the central and south areas of the San Joaquin Valley the first half of May, but expect shipments to be lighter than normal.  Heaviest cherry loading opportunities come with the later bing cherry variety from the Stockton-Linden-Lodi area.  Overall, unless Mother Nature does a whack job on these perishable beauties, California should ship 8.5 to 9 million boxes of cherries, the most in a decade!

California desert vegetables – grossing about $7200 to New York City.


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Florida Spring Shipments to Begin Early

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Despite a freeze on January 3-4, which caused some damage to early spring Florida produce, overall it has been a warmer-than-normal winter and most shipments should be one to two weeks earlier.  Florida’s peak spring shipments will occur from late March, extending into May until hot weather begins reducing volume.

Florida spring loadings often involve multiple pick ups of items ranging from bell peppers to squash, cabbage, cucumbers and other veggies.  Loads with multiple pick ups often mean multiple drops at the other end of the haul, so be sure and negotiate your freight rates with this in mind.

Tomatoes are a big volume item from Florida and expect loads to be available a week earlier than usual from the Immokalee and Palmetto-Ruskin areas — starting in early April.

As for citrus, shipments are expected to wind down up to three weeks earlier on items such as tangerines (late March) and grapefruit (in April).  Tangerine loadings normally end in late April.

Florida ships a significant amount of spring red potatoes from the southern part of the state such as from Lake Wales.  Heaviest red potato loadings take place during March and April.

Florida watermelon shipments will get underway in early April.

South Florida red potatoes grossing about $2600 to Philadelphia.


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