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Eastern Produce Shipments from Florida to Maine

Strawberry shipments from the Plant City, FL area have been underway for more than a month, but only in very light volume.  This is changing as available loads will show significant increases by December 10, and be in big volume around December  15-20.  Central Florida also has very light volume with cherry, grape, roma and green tomatoes.  […]

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Thanksgiving Shipments on Some Items May be Less Than Normal

Shipments of some Thanksgiving produce favorites could be light this year. For example , in the Glades/Lake Okeechobee region of Florida the was excessive rains during plantings from mid-September to mid-October.  This may significantly reduce loads of green beans for the holidays, perhaps has much as 50 percent.  Also be on the look out for wind damage […]

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Sweet Potatoes are Cited a Number One Nutritious Food Item

During recent years the sales of sweet potatoes  (also known as yams) have grown by about 20 percent per year.   The product is a staple in  food magazines, cookbooks and on television shows. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration the orange flesh sweet potato is the only major vegetable that contains four nutrients […]

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Looking at Shipments of Grapefruit, Avocados, Sweet Potatoes

This is the time of year when shipments of Florida grapefruit gets underway, as well as the new crop of sweet potatoes from various states coast-to-coast.  It also means shipments of avocados will soon be shipping from California to arrivals of ports of entry from Mexico, as well as at various ocean ports receiving avocados […]

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An Update on Fall National Produce Shipping Areas

There will be a half dozen fresh potato shippers up and running in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota by the end of this week.  That is a few more than typically run in mid-September, but with an early wrap-up in Big Lake, MN, demand is quickly shifting to the Red River Valley. […]

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Late Summer, Fall Launches Sweet Potatoes Loads

Late summer and early fall launches sweet potato shipments from several states.  Before I go any further, sweet potatoes are not among the leaders when it comes to good produce rates.  But neither are other basic “hardware” items such as potatoes and onions.  There’s a reason berries and vegetable trucking rates are better;  they are […]

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Central USA Loading Opportunities

Truckers wanting to find a load in the mid-west for delivery to the West Coast in order to take advantage of attractive eastbound produce rates are finding it difficult.  Even when a load is obtained, the westbound freight rates are horribly low. Obtaining produce loads in the Central USA somewhere between the Canadian and Mexican […]

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Eastern Produce Loadings are Moving North

Produce loadings have seasonally moved northward, some by as much as three weeks earlier than normal. A case in point is New Jersey where southern area vegetables have been ahead of schedule for weeks.  Now it is peach loadings taking center stage.  Jersey peaches started the third week of June, but do not normally get […]

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Produce Rates Increasing Around the Country

A mild winter, great spring and increasing produce volume is gradually increasing demand for refrigerated equipment in several areas of the country.  This is resulting in rising freight rates, although higher diesel fuel prices is certainly putting a damper on many truckers getting too excited about these changes. In Florida, we’ve seen rate increases of […]

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Eastern Produce Shipments Still Light

Produce shipments from the eastern portions of the United States continue to be seasonally light.  Florida is still one of the better places for loading produce right now, although it’s biggest volume  in spring shipments are still ahead of us.  South Florida potato shipments continue to increase, but still are light.  Tomatoes are among the volume […]

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