Eastern Produce Shipments from Georgia, NC, MI and New York

Eastern Produce Shipments from Georgia, NC, MI and New York

They may not necessarily be truck loads, but at least partial loads should be available in a number of Eastern produce shipping areas, ranging from the deep south, to New York and Michigan.

Georgia Produce Shipments

004Southern Georgia should ship around 110-120 million pounds of pecans this year, making it one of the best seasons in the last three years.  Georgia is No.1 in U.S pecan shipments…..Elsewhere in South Georgia are a number of vegetables being shipped, but it is light volume with only partial loads available.  For example, about 75 truck load equivalents of beans are being loaded weekly.  There also is light, but increasing volume with items ranging from peppers to eggplant and greens.

North Carolina Produce Shipments

Eastern North Carolina sweet potato shipments are currently your best bet in the Tar Heel state.  About 250 truck loads per week are being loaded….Meanwhile the cabbage harvest has just started, with very light loadings just getting underway.

North Carolina sweet potatoes – grossing about $2500 to New York City.

New York Produce Shipments

The Hudson Valley provides the majority of apple shipments, although there is lighter volume from other parts of the state including central and western New York.  All total, New York apple shipments are averaging a little over 300 truck loads per week….Cabbage shipments from central and western areas are averaging about 225 truck loads weekly.  Storage onions, primarily from Orange County, are amounting to around 150 truck loads per week.

New York cabbage – grossing about $1200 to Boston.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Not much going on here.  Your best bet is with apples, primarily from the Grand Rapids area. Michigan is averaging about 250 truck loads weekly.  There also very light volume with storage onions.

Michigan apples – grossing about $3400 to Orlando.