Berry Shipments from Major U.S. Shipping Areas Expected to be Good this Year

Berry Shipments from Major U.S. Shipping Areas Expected to be Good this Year


Loadings of fresh summer berries are expected  across the nation from the major shipping areas.

Shipments of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries across pr0duction areas of the U.S. have been less as cool weather prevailed during much of the growing season, although is changing.  Excellent volume should be coming.

Salinas Valley strawberries from the Watsonville area accounted for over 1,000 truck loads last week and the peak of the season hasn’t even arrived yet.

Although California Giant Berry Farms of Watsonville, CA is now shipping Georgia blueberries.  Next month it will be moving to California for product.  California shipments will then eventually will shift to the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Berry Packing Co. of Hillsboro, Ore. will begin blueberry shipment in mid- to late June or early July, depending on weather.  The normal start date is in late June.

New Jersey blueberry shipments are expected to be good, although no record numbers are seen, which should around 38 million pounds of fresh berries and up to 8 million pounds for the freezer market.  Harvest should start June 15 or 16, and continue until August 15.

MBG Marketing of Grand Junction, MI expects to start Michigan blueberry shipments in mid-June, a week to 10 days later than usual.  Peak volume should be occurring for the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Wish Farms of Plant City, FL finished its Florida Blueberry shipments in mid May and now has good volume coming out of Georgia.

California Giant has just transitioned its blackberry and raspberry programs from Mexico to Watsonville, where shipments will continue all summer.

Giumarra Cos. of Los Angeles now has good volume with Georgia blackberries and blueberries, which will continue through June.

California strawberries are grossing about $6000 to Chicago.