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Here are Some Loading Opportunities from 5 Different States

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From New York state, to Washington state, with Idaho, Texas and New Mexico thrown in, here’s a glimpse at some produce loading opportunities.

New York Onion Shipments

Harvest of Orange County, NY onions got underway last week, but it will be another five or six weeks before everyone is digging. The initial focus will be moving onions into storage. Good quality and normal sized crop are seen.

Orange County onions are typically shipped to markets in the Eastern half of the United States. Once the harvest is complete loadings will start building in volume.

Stone Fruit Shipments

Washington state shippers are saying this is one of their best apricot crops in years. The fruit will be having peak shipments for the next two weeks or so from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys. The state also is shipping heavy volumes of peaches, nectarines and cherries.  Washington is averaging nearly 1,500 truck loads of cherries per week.

Washington state cherries and other fruit – grossing about $7400 to New York City.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Even though Idaho has entered the final leg of the 2013-14 shipping season for potatoes, it is still loading around 1600 truckload equivalents per week, primarily out of the upper valley, Twin Fallsl-Burley area.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Texas Produce Shipments

Watermelon shipments, primarily from Eastern parts of the Lone Star State  are averaging about 750 truckloads per week.  Meanwhile, potato volume is increasing from the Hereford High Plains area in West Texas, as well as from Eastern New Mexico.  Southern New Mexico onion shipments are increasing and averaging over 875 truckloads per week.

Texas watermelons – grossing about $2400 to Atlanta.

New Mexico onions – about $3600 to Chicago.



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National Shipping Updates from NJ, the NW, Georgia, and California

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DSCN3914Here’s a glimpse of loading opportunities around the country ranging from New Jersey blueberries to Washington state stone fruit and apples, as well as peaches and vegetables from Georgia.  Finally, California’s San Joaquin Valley grapes have gotten an early start.

Hammonton, New Jersey calls itself the “Blueberry Capital of the World” because of the heavy volume typically shipped each year.    New Jersey blueberry shipments just got underway last week and volume should build rapidly.  Total shipments in 2014 could be similar to a year ago, when it totaled 65 million pounds.

Washington state cherry shipments are moving into good volume from the Yakima and Wenachee Valleys.  Cherries out of the Northwest (mostly Washington) should total 20 to 22 million boxes this season, not that far off of the record setting shipments of 23 million boxes in 2012…..Other stone fruit shipments, led by peaches, will get underway in July.  Peak volume for loadings are expected between mid August to mid September.  Good volume, similar to a year ago, is forecast at this time…..Meanwhile, 2013-14 apple shipments continue, averaging over 1,900 truckload equivalents per week.

In California, grape shipments from the  Southern San Joaquin Valley started in a light way about a week ago.  Volume is increasing from this area known as the Arvin District, which is near Bakersfield.

Sweet onion shipments have started in Washington state from the Walla Walla area.  Walla Walla onion shipments come off of 700 acres and typically amount to about 400,000 40-pound cartons per year.

Georgia peaches are about to take off.  It’s been a slow start, but as we enter July expect this to be a good month for loading opportunities with peaches out of the Fort Valley area.  July should be an active month for Georgia  mixed vegetables from central and southern areas.  There also are Vidalia sweet onions being shipped from storages.

Georgia mixed vegetables – grossing about $2700 to Chicago.

Washington apples – grossing about $7200 to New York City.



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California Seasonal Produce Volume is Building Towards Peak Shipments

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DSCN0480One knows we’re getting close to the peak period for spring and summer produce shipments when California’s San Joaquin Valley starts pumping out everything from stone fruit to grapes, berries and melons.

Stone Fruit Shipments

Very light volume with apricots got underway last month from the San Joaquin Valley, this means peaches, plums and nectarines soon follow.  Weather factors has all stone fruit items maturing up to two weeks earlier than usual this spring.  Volume is increasing on a weekly basis and should be hitting full stride by June.  No estimates have been issued, but it appears there will not be bumper crops this season.

Grape Shipments

The Coachella Valley is currently shipping the nation’s only domestic grapes.  However, the vast majority of California grape shipments will get underway with the Arvin district (Bakersfield) around June 23rd.  California shipped a record 117.4 million boxes of grapes last season.  No record shipments are forecast this year, but it will still be a huge crop.

Cherry Shipments

Sketchy information, and about the best info is it should be a “normal” crop.  This is a much smaller volume than you’ll find out of the Northwest in a few weeks.

Apple Shipments

California apples shipments tend to fill a narrow window between the old season ending and the new season starting up in the nation’s leading state – Washington.  California’s leading apple variety, galas, should start shipments around July 20th, with fujis getting underway around August 20th.

Melon Shipments

Because of the California drought, now in its third year, some acreage normally used for cantaloupe and honeydew is not being planted this season in the Bakerfield and Huron areas.  Shipments will get underway around July 1st, but don’t expect any record volume.

Blueberry Shipments

Central San Joaquin Valley “blues” are in peak shipments, which should continue through June.  Lack of water is a growing concern, but volume is expect to meet or exceed last season’s 53.9 million pounds.

Strawberry Shipments

Southern California strawberry loadings should be winding down as volume increases from the Santa Maria district and the Watsonville District.

Central San Joaquin Valley blueberries and cherries – grossing about $6300 to Atlanta.


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Shipments Increasing for California Vegetables and Stone Fruit; Check for Quality Problems

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DSCN3184Volume is headed upwards from coastal areas for California vegetable shipments, as well as stone fruit out of the San Joaquin Valley.  We’ll take a look at both, with a note to be on the look out for some quality issues in both regions.

Vegetable Shipments

There are strong shipments of vegetables coming out of the Santa Maria and Salinas valleys, although we’re not boasting of any bumper crops.  Temperatures in both valleys recently topped 90 degrees.  When loading, just keep an eye out for what’s going onto the truck in case there are issues with tip burn on some of the leafy items.  Also make sure the receiver is aware of any problems, if a problem develops.

At the same time, the heat could bring on some fields faster, which would increase shipments.

Avocado Shipments

California’s avocado crop, which is currently in full production, has been estimated at less than 60 percent of the volume of last year’s 500 million pounds.

Stone Fruit Shipments

California has recently been shipping in very light volume of  stone fruit from the Coachella Valley and the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.  Now it’s time for the main varieties and product in the primary SJV production areas to get cranked up. Volume is expected to be about normal.  While peaches and nectarine quality seems to be pretty good, use caution loading apricots and plums until we get a better feel for quality.  Just reading between the lines of shipper comments leads one to suspect potential quality issues due to weather factors.  In general, stone fruit shipments are about 10 to 14 days earlier than normal, which means there will be good volume loadings in time for arrivals at destination for the Memorial weekend of May 24-26.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $7500 to New York City.





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California Spring Produce Shipments are Increasing; South African Imports on the Rise

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GAtks0314 008Most California strawberry shipments are originating out of Southern California, primarily Ventura County and Orange County.  Very light volume is coming out of Santa Maria, while initial shipments from the Salinas/Watsonville District could get underway in late April.

Look for the first domestic table grape shipments in the United States to get underway out of the Coachella Valley in early May.  However, it will probably be the third week of May before there is good volume.

Stone fruit shipments out of the San Joaquin Valley are on track to start in very light volume in early to mid May.

Meanwhile, Salinas Valley vegetable shipments continue to build in volume led by lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower, with dozens of other items in the mix as well.

Salinas Valley produce – grossing about $7000 to New York City.

Southern California strawberries and citrus – grossing about $4500 to Chicago.

South African Imports

South Africa began exports  of citrus to the U.S. 15 years. ago.   Imports will once again soon be arriving at American ports.

Exports of oranges from South Africa to the United States hit a new record in 2013, with over 39,000 metric tons. This is a 25 percent increase in quantity compared to 2009 and nearly an 800 percent increase since the program started in 1999.

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