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Good Melon Volume is Expected by South Texas Shipper

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Little Bear Produce of Edinburg, TX reports hot south Texas weather – which already had been in the 90s and even reached triple digits – has been good for melon vines. The company is just starting to ship watermelons, honeydew, and specialty melons. The season will last until around mid-June.

Little Bear started shipping sweet Texas 1015 onions in early March as well as Honeysweet onions. The season has been good, with good markets, yields and quality. The firm’s Texas onions loadings are now winding down, with the focus now shifting to Georgia’s Vidalia onions.

While early spring heat has been good for Little Bear’s melon crops, it has taken a toll on the company’s greens and vegetable crops. This harvest started last November and is now coming to an end.

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A Roundup of Winter Produce Shipments from Arizona and Texas

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It’s been a miserable two weeks in much of America with horrendous weather. Trucking is difficult enough without the record breaking low temperatures, snow and ice. Hang in there another month and spring will be here, with warmer weather and increasing volumes of fresh produce.

Here is a glimpse at potential loading opportunities from two of the most active states.


Thanks to imports of vegetables and tropical fruits from Mexico, the Lower Rio Grande Valley is one of the best shots at getting loaded.

The city of McAllen has over 200 produce companies such as Valley Fresh Produce Inc., Tricar Sales Inc. and Star Produce.

There are 1750 truckloads of avocados crossing the border from Mexico each week. Other leading volume items range from limes, to watermelons, broccoli, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries and tomatoes.

Last week South Texas produce companies were experiencing power outages along with much of the rest of the state. Use of generators was common among produce warehouses. Damage to vegetable and citrus crops are being assessed in the Lower Rio Grande Valley due to freezing temperatures. However, domestic volume pales in comparison to Mexican imports.


The other major crossing for Mexican imports it at Nogales, which has nearly 200 produce companies such as Frank’s Distributing of Produce LLC and The Sykes Co.

Mixed loads often requiring multiple picks at various warehouses (similar to McAllen) is pretty much standard procedure here.

Heaviest volume may be with tomatoes led by vine ripes with lesser amounts of grapes and plums averaging about 1150 truck loads a week. There’s also good volume with squash led by zucchini, along with a half a dozen other varieties and totaling over 750 truckloads weekly.

Other available items range from bell peppers (750 truckloads a week) to cucumbers, and watermelon, among others.

In Yuma, AZ companies such as D’Arrigo Bros. of California and Growers Express LLC are shipping lettuce and other vegetables. All together, various Yuma shippers are loading about 400 truckloads weekly of head lettuce and romaine.

Truck rates from Nogales have been all over the board – grossing from $5000 to $7000 to Chicago.

Yuma rates are up generally but not nearly as much – grossing about $8200 to New York City.

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Texas, Mexico Produce Shipments are Increasing Seasonally

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Texas produce and Mexican produce shipments will be gaining steam in the weeks ahead.

The Texas International Produce Association of Mission, TX reports Lone Star State citrus is starting; plus Texas herbs are being harvested and Texas cabbage will be available soon. 

Onions are in the ground and Mexican imports of tomatoes, berries, tropical fruit, squash, bell peppers and more will be increasing.

Texas green and red cabbage started within the past week and Grow Farms Texas of Donna, TX will have Texas-grown onions for shipping in April and May.

The company has planted more Texas cabbage and is looking to expand its Texas onion volume. Grow Farms Texas has Italian sweet red onions planted for harvest in late April and May, depending on the weather.

Little Bear Produce of Edinburg, TX has leafy green, herbs and cabbage beginning in November.

Mexican Produce Imports

Mexican infrastructure has been off the charts allowing Texas as an additional port of entry option to Nogales.

Central Mexico is closer to the U.S. East Coast allowing the firm more a year-round option for many items.

“This upcoming season Grow Farms Texas will be increasing its Mexico winter vegetables. 

The company will have good supplies of cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeños, serranos, anaheims and poblanos. Cucumbers started the first week of November, while bell peppers are starting in mid-December. Hot peppers are available year-round from Mexico and has provided big growth. 

Beating both Pharr, Texas, and Nogales, Ariz., the port of Laredo, Texas, was the top entry point for Mexican tomatoes from October 2019 to September.

With 13,238 truckloads, Laredo beat Pharr’s total of 9,760 (40,000-pound) truckloads and the 9,726 truckloads crossings through Nogales, according to the USDA.

Other important crossing points for Mexican tomatoes during the period were Otay Mesa, CA (1,798 truckloads); and Roma, Texas (1,498 truckloads). 

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Trucks Remain Tight, Rates Higher in Many Western U.S. Produce Shipping Areas

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A18As produce rates remain higher than normal for this time of the year and equipment and drivers are in short supply, here is a round up of several active shipping areas in the Western half of the United States.

At Nogales, watermelons crossing the border from Mexico are providing the heaviest volume as many winter vegetable items are nearing the end of a season.  Over 800 truck loads of Mexican melons are being shipped weekly and volume is still increasing.  Mexican tomato shipments are exceeding 600 truck loads a week, with a similar amount of cucumbers.  A big crop of Mexican table grapes will be crossing the border in good volume within a couple of weeks….Lettuce from the Yuma area is quickly coming to a seasonal end.

Mexican produce through Nogales – grossing about $3600 to Chicago.

California produce shipments

Salina Valley vegetables lead by broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce are in light, but increasing volume.  It will help test the ability of the produce trucking industry to supply the equipment and drivers necessary when the Salinas Valley hits full stride in May, along with fruits and vegetables from the San Joaquin Valley. There’s not numbers yet, but the valley’s stone fruit volume is expected to be down significantly from weather factors.  Kern County carrots are averaging over 400 truck loads per week.  Many other items will be available for loading in the coming weeks.

Northwest Produce Shipments

As usual Washington apples are the volume leader averaging over 3000 truck load equivalents per week…..Washington’s Columbia Basin and the adjacent Oregon Umatilla Basin are shipping nearly 700 truck loads of onions weekly and about 375 truck loads of potatoes….Meanwhile Idaho is shipping in excess of 1900 truck load equivalents of potatoes weekly.

Yakima Valley apples – grossing about $4000 to Dallas.

Texas Produce Shipments

Mexican avocados and watermelons continue to cross the border at Pharr in heavy volume. Mexican tropical fruits such as mangoes are increasing, as are Mexican tomatoes.  Mexican sweet onions continue being imported, but its season will be winding down and sweet onions grown in the Lower Rio Grande Valley are increasing.

Mexican produce through South Texas – grossing about $5800 to New York City.

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A Fall Shipping Update from Several Key U.S. Produce Areas

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DSCN4898In typical fall fashion here are some of the better loading opportunities from four important produce U.S. shipping states.


While apple shipments may not set a record this season, plenty will be available for hauling as another big crop is forecast.  Last season harvest was so huge, believe it or not, some shippers are still loading “old” apples from last season.  That’s okay, if your receiver is aware of it.  Just make sure they know what is being loaded.  Nearly 1800 truckload equivalents of apples are being loaded weekly primarily from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys.  Around 400 truckload equivalents of Washington pears are being shipped as well, with the best volume yet to come.

Idaho and Oregon

Another big crop of Idaho potatoes will be shipped between now and late next summer.  Nearly 1600 truckload equivalents of primarily russet potatoes are being loaded weekly from the four primarily Idaho shipping areas lead by the Idaho Falls area.

Western Idaho and Malhuer County Oregon are shipping over 600 truckloads on storage onions per week.   Last winter a number of onion storage sheds and other buildings were heavily damaged in Nyssa and Ontario, Oregon due to two separate winter storms, but adequate facilities appear to be in place for the new shipping season.

South Texas Produce Shipments

Literally dozens of tropical fruits and vegetables are crossing the border from Mexico at Pharr, Texas, but a majority of the are in light volume at this point.  Vine ripe tomatoes are perhaps providing the heaviest volume with about 500 truckloads per week.  Limes may be among the heavier volume tropical fruits with nearly 350 truckloads weekly.

Many Mexican items are just getting underway and in the coming weeks will provide better hauling opportunities ranging from strawberries to raspberries, honeydew, papayas and pineapples among others.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley grapefruit harvest is barely underway with good volume arriving in November.


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A Produce Shipping Smorgasbord – Part II

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DSCN7617A week ago you were presented a smorgasbord of produce hauling opportunities from around the county.  Well, here’s Part II ranging from Mexican crossings into the Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas to Northwest blueberry loadings, Wisconsin potatoes – and more.

South Texas Produce Shipments

Mexican produce shipments crossing the border into Pharr, Tx cover a lot of items ranging from citrus to tropical fruit and vegetables.  However, no one item has real heavy volume at this time.  Among the heaviest volume commodities are: avocados hitting about 675 truck loads per week, but volume is increasing; mangos with about 500 truck loads a week and limes at about 450 trucks load each week.

Around 550 truck loads of vine ripe, as well roma tomatoes are crossing the border weekly.

There’s also many other products coming into South Texas, but in much lighter volume ranging from lemons to papayas, broccoli, carrots and cucumbers.

Mexican produce crossing into South Texas – grossing about $2400 to Chicago.

Wisconsin Potato Shipments

Loadings of the old 2015-16 russet potato crop had in a fast seasonal decline.  Meanwhile, the central part of the state has just started shipping a few of the 2016-17 potato crop, but we’re another month of so away of good volume.

Northwest Blueberry Shipments

Blueberry shipments are increasing from both Oregon and Washington state, as well as from British Columbia.

Washington Apple Shipments

The consistent item in the Northwest is typically apples, especially since Washington easily lead the nation in apple shipments.  Even though it is very late in 2015-16 shipping season, Washington is still average over 650 truckloads each week.

Yakima Valley apples – grossing about $4600 to Dallas.

Watermelon Shipments

A week ago we cover Midwest watermelon hauling opportunities, here are some more.

California’s central San Joaquin Valley is moving around 350 truck loads per week.  On the east coast, North Carolina may be your best bet loading around 230 trucks loads of watermelons a week.

Both eastern Texas and western Oklahoma combing to ship nearly 500 trucks of watermelons per week.



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Selected Produce Shipments from Across the Country

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DSCN6956 Produce shipments should start returning to more normal movement now that we are past the holidays and receivers are starting to replenish their stocks.  Here’s a look at produce shipping from several areas around the country.

Western Lettuce Shipments

Lettuce shipments, led by Iceberg and romaine are originating primarily out of the Yuma district of Arizona.  Other leading items are celery, broccoli and cauliflower, although cold weather has cut into volume.  Loadings are much lighter from the California desert, primarily from the Imperial Valley, Coachella Valley and Palo Verde.

Apple Shipments

Washington’s Yakima and Wenatchee valleys are averaging bout 2500 truckloads per week.  New York state, led by the Hudson Valley, is shipping about 250 truckloads weekly.  Michigan is third in volume about 175 trucks per week.

Washington apple shipments – grossing about $4500 to Dallas.

Texas Produce Shipments

Overall, it’s still relatively light for produce items here.  This is light to moderate shipments of grapefruit and oranges from the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  The is better volume of Mexican tropical fruits and vegetables crossing the border.

South Texas citrus and Mexican produce freight rates were up 15 to 20 percent during the holidays, depending on the destination; for example, grossing about $2900 to Atlanta.  Rates could drop with the holidays past us.

East Coast Produce Shipments

Pretty slim pickin’s over all.  If you’re coming out of Florida with a partial load, there’s very light volume of cabbage and greens being shipped from Southern Georgia…Eastern North Carolinas is loading sweet potatoes in moderate volume….Dry onion shipments are coming out of Orange County, NY.  Partial loads of cabbage are coming out of central and western New York.  Apples are available from the Hudson Valley, Champlain Valley, plus central and western areas….Aroostrock County, Maine has light volume with potatoes.

North Carolina sweet potato shipments – grossing about $3000 to Boston.




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Midwestern Produce Shipments: Looking at Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin

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IMG_2628Here are some produce loading opportunities from the Central and Mountain time zones.

Texas Produce Shipments

Most Texas produce loadings are coming out of the Lower Rio Valley, much of which is Mexican product crossing the border at McAllen.  Watermelon shipments continue from South Texas, and starting to come out Central areas of the Lone Star State.  Caution is advised as there are reports of variable quality….Meanwhile tropical fruit items ranging from mangos to avocados among other are crossing the border from Mexico.  There’s also light volume with a number Mexican vegetables ranging from broccoli to various kinds of peppers.

South Texas/Mexican produce – grossing about $2700 to Chicago.

Colorado Produce Shipments

The old crop of russet potatoes continues to be shipped out the San Luis Valley, as growers and shippers gear up for the new season harvest.  Colorado is still shipping nearly 600 truck loads of potatoes weekly….Western slope Colorado peach and pear loadings have just started within the past week, continuing through most of September….Sweet corn shipments get underway this week and lasting through September….Cantaloupe shipments start about August 1st.

Colorado potatoes – grossing about $2300 to Chicago.

Wisconsin Produce Shipments

Shipments of russet potatoes from Central Wisconsin remain light to moderate as the season gradually winds down.  Diggings of the new crop of red potatoes is just getting underway.



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Texas Shipments Gaining on Calif; Vidalia Volume is Down

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DSCN5899Texas appears to be gaining ground on California when it comes to fresh produce shipments…..In Georgia, Vidalia onion shipments apparently will be down overall as product is now coming out of storage.

Texas produce shipments are becoming ever more important when it comes to spot rates for refrigerated loads.  This appears to be due to increased fruit and vegetable production in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, plus more imports than ever from Mexico, as well as shift in demand from California in part because of the prolonged drought.

Although California had regained the top spot in late June, Texas volumes in the spot refrigerated freight market has surpassed California for the first time in early June, according to Mark Montague, manger of industry pricing for DAT Solutions.

Lower Rio Grande Valley watermelons and Mexican produce crossing the border – grossing about $2700 to Chicago.

Vidalia Onion Shipments

Vidalia onion shipments will be down as much as 40 percent this season for some shippers.  Whether the reduction is due to excessive rains, or spring weather having too hot of temperatures, opinions vary.  But shipments will be down, it’s just a matter of how much, since some shippers appear to have been hit harder than others.  Vidalia onions are now being shipped out of storage, which can be “ify” some years when adverse weather or disease creates quality issues.

Southeastern Georgia Vidalia onions, as well as Southern Georgia bell peppers, sweet corn, eggplant, watermelons and squash – grossing about $3000 to New York City.



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Watch for Quality Problems with South Texas Produce Loads

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DSCN3303The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas has had over 60 inches of rain since last August, more than it normally get in four years.  If that doesn’t result in significant reductions in produce volume and quality problems, then it will be a miracle.

Texas Produce Shipments

Being the eternal optimistic they are, growers are still talking mostly good quality and down playing losses.  Still, it’s kind of like the parents who never have any ugly kids.  Watermelons and sweet onions are two big items coming out of the valley this time of the year.  The moonsoons that hit a week ago dumped as much as 10 inches in some fields.  The saving grace may be the fields that received as little a three inches of rain.  Still, extra caution is urged when loading South Texas produce vegetables.

Mexican watermelons are crossing the border at McAllen, TX in moderate volume, however variable quality is being reported.  Caution is urged when loading this product.  Make sure your receiver knows the quality being shipped.

A number of other Mexican items are crossing the border into South Texas in light to moderate volume ranging from carrots to peppers along with tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas and pineapples.  The valley also continues to ship moderate volumes with grapefruit, oranges and cabbage.

South Texas and Mexican grown produce – grossing about $2900 to Chicago, $4900 to New York City.

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